Jeremy Bruyere Quartet : enfin le 1er Album !

Participate to french bassist Jeremy Bruyere's Debut Album !

Project visual Jeremy Bruyere Quartet : enfin le 1er Album !
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Jeremy Bruyere Quartet : enfin le 1er Album !

     After serving for many years as a first class versatile jazz and classical bassist (Thomas Enhco, Jacky Terrasson, Baptiste Trotignon, Orchestre National de Lyon, Verbier Festival Orchestra, etc...), Jeremy Bruyere has finally decided to lead his own project hence he is about the record his debut album, which is precisely the reason why he is doing the crowdfunding campaign.


     Lucky to have crossed path with so many different influences, this first opus will combine all these sonic and timbral words all together in a very subtle manner . Mostly originals, these compositions are definitely coming directly from his two years spent in New York, playing and living in this highly influential and creative jazz scene. Hence some will recognize is love artists like Avishai Cohen, Gerald Clayton, Aaron Parks, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Avishai Cohen, and the list can go on and on...


     It is by the way in this vein that one of his key compositions "Unexpeceted part #1" has been written, which opens Laurent Coulondre Trio album called "OPUS II", released last year. As a matter of fact, Laurent happens to be Jeremy Quartet's pianist as well.



     For this debut Album, he surrounded himself with 3 very talented musicians and friends, that also share his taste for this refreshing jazz and its numerous challenges. Laurent Coulondre on piano and keyboards (organ, rhodes,etc...), Maxime Berton on saxophones, flutes and bass clarinet; and Arthur Alard on drums and percussions. This Quartet Formula, intimate in its density and vice versa, highlights its four multi-instrumentalist's timbral and rythmical richness for an alchemical musical experience.


     Part of this album repertoire have been experimented at Sunset Jazz Club during our first show as a whole in January 2015. This performance being filmed, we used this material to create 3 to 5 minutes video teasers that were published on facebook on a weekly basis and more recently on Youtube on a playlist simple called Jeremy Bruyere Quartet 





The Recording of 10 -15 new original tunes will take place at Studio des Bruères, in Poitier in June 2015 !


The Album's release date will be in January if everything goes as planned.

An exclusive track will be shared in Avant Première with all the contributors of the campaign in addition to the rewards. 


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Allocation of funds

C’est un projet indépendant et ambitieux qui nécessite plusieurs sources de financement.

Votre participation et votre soutien sont essentiels afin de soutenir l’autoproduction de ce premier album.

Cette collecte permettra de financer des phases importantes de sa réalisation :


- La rémunération des musiciens et techniciens son pour l’enregistrement du nouvel album

- La location du studio et du matériel qui vont permettre l'enregistrement sonore

- La prise en charge des frais de transports et de repas pour les quatre jours en studio

- Le mix et le mastering de l'album

- Le paiement des droits de pressage à la SDRM (car peu de gens le savent mais plus de 1000 euros nous seront demandés par cet organisme, simplement pour avoir le droit de presser le disque en 1000 ou 2000 exemplaires (pour commencer;-))

- Le travail graphique pour la création de la pochette (+ session photo en studio)


Si la collecte dépasse la somme demandée, qu'allons nous en faire?


Cela nous permettrait de financer la suite de la réalisation de ce 1er album :


- La réalisation d’une vidéo « making Off » de cet album auquel vous aurez participé et qui sera une façon de vous embarquer en studio avec le groupe...

- La mise en place d'une campagne de pub efficace

- La location d'une belle salle pour le concert de sortie du disque


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