TIMBER FRAMED HOUSE, hand made by father and son with our own wood

So that, together we can revive our beautiful villages !

Project visual TIMBER FRAMED HOUSE, hand made by father and son with our own wood
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TIMBER FRAMED HOUSE, hand made by father and son with our own wood

Who am I? Hello, my name is Jimmy, i’m a young chef of 32 years old. I studied at the Hotel school in Souillac in the Lot department. It's been almost 2 years now that I've started a crazy project, building a Timber-framed home in the Célé valley with the help of my Father. We want to use a maximum of local / atypical materials and environmentally friendly. The Célé valley is a place that I know very well and close to my heart because I did my apprenticeship as a Cook. It is also where I managed the restaurant "La Belle Époque" for a year. My mother also built a Wooden house in Sauliac sur Célé. The phrase "Very nature, Very heritage, Very Lot" takes its full meaning in this Valley. When I turned 30 a short while ago, I felt the desire and the need to have a home, my own place, a place to stay that could also be a working tool during the summer season. The project The idea is to build a timber-framed house on two floors of 40m2 each, in order to rent it on a weekly basis as a Bed and breakfast, while respecting the site and using noble and local materials (the wood comes from our forest). Built on a plot of 1800m2, with a view of the cliffs of Sauliac sur Célé, the first floor will have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. On the ground floor, a kitchen opens onto a bright living room (3 bay windows). The ground floor will give access to a balcony of 10m2 as well as a terrace of 18m2 with direct view on the Valley. The accommodation will be accessible by car and will have car park for 3 cars. The place Sauliac sur Célé is still a preserved and very natural place. The region has a real lack of housing and building permits are difficult to obtain. It is also a strategic place to visit in the summer, there is so much to discover wherever you go. First of all, the old Sauliac sur Célé, on the cliffside, where you will find the old church, a listed monument in the heart of the Célé Valley. This village is located on the « Chemin de St Jacques de Compostelle ». It is a place where it is good to recharge personal batteries and appreciate nature again. A 45 km drive will take you to the wonderful medieval town of Rocamadour, standing proudly on its cliff. Also 15 km away, you can find its "little brother" named St Cirq Lapopie, which has nothing to envy it. The Lot would not be the Lot without mentioning its wine cellars, its restaurants and its local products ! The reason KNOW-HOW: It is through this accommodation, made of noble and local materials, that we wish to make our guests to discover the region. I also want to learn and benefit from my father's know-how and passion for wood through the construction of this house. The wood used for the structural work comes from our Douglas forest in Aveyron, at 80km from the building site (including a diversion to the sawmill). Moreover, most of the furnitures you can find, are homemade with this same wood. My father has been working for several years now as a creative craftman in wood and leather, so we have the necessary equipment and the creative spirit to carry out this project. Financial part: I had no problem taking out a small loan from my bank because I was on permanent employment at the time. But the restaurant closed due to the current situation of COVID. It took a long time to get the building permit (2 refusals, then finally obtained). As a result of the covid, the price of materials has increased significantly (iron, silicone, osb, wood...). That's why I'm trying crowdfunding, to ask for your help in the realization of this project which is close to my heart. Currently, I am in the Pyrenees for the season, waiting for the return of the good weather to start the construction, with a planned opening on July 1st 2022 if everything goes well! Progress Building permit OK Authorisation from the "Bâtiments de France" OK Land acquisition OK Earthworks OK Installation of filters OK Acquisition of carpentry OK Foundation Timber frame assembly Laying the roof Fitting of joinery External cladding Insulation Construction of the inside Terrace Outdoor : Green space (petanque court) The counterpart I have tried to offer to you something in return for your donation that is interesting for you while mixing my skills as a chef. In return for your kindness and your financial support, Further Explanations I really wanted to add this before thanking you for taking the time to read about my project. This is one of the things that pushed me to realize this project because all our dreams are possible and achievable if we believe in them deep in our heart... As an example, not long time ago I had the pleasure of fulfilling one of my dearest dreams! To build and open a restaurant in Burma... A successful project with the help of several friends and family, and a lot of help from the local people ! The restaurant in question was "The Jungle", a cocktail bar restaurant in Inle Lake, Burma which opened on 24 December 2018 (still on trip Advisor and Facebook if you want to take a look). Despite all the best intentions in the world, I had to close my restaurant with the arrival of covid 19 and return to France by an Italian embassy flight. After the closure of the airports, no one had access to Burmese territory, tourism was stopped. Subsequently, on 1 February 2021, the army decided to stage yet another coup d'état, a coup that succeeded at the expense of its people. It has been just one year and the situation has only worsened. Since then, the country is no longer safe, so I couldn't go back, I had to give up my restaurant... Thus, Back in France, thinking about what I had lost/accomplished there, I felt the desire and the need to have a home, a place of my own where I would feel safe in case of a hard blow in life. The Burmese people have been in my heart and mind every day since I left. They have taught me so much in these few wonderful years... And I thank them for this extraordinary experience which makes me smile and go forward for them as much as possible thinking about all the suffering they have to endure... I couldn't not put this in the Who am I’s part because there is no real link with this house, but, in fact, everything has to do with it... This is a wink to them. We do not forget you! Hoping to see them again as soon as possible... I thank you for your time and wish you the best in realizing your dreams...

Allocation of funds

The fundraising will mainly serve to improve the project from an ecological point of view (choice of more noble materials and environmentally friendly) and to cover the additional costs due to the increase in the price of materials over the last 2 years.


A Big Thank


- For any donation of 10 euros a big thank you to you and a newsletter for all the participants of the crowdfunding, in order to follow step by step the progress of the project.

Estimated delivery: April 2022

Aperitif for the Inauguration


    For any donation of 35€ an invitation to an aperitif for the inauguration of the house, as well as the newsletter to follow the progress of the project. Event at the end of June (50 places available)

    Estimated delivery: June 2022

    Aperitif Dinner


      For any donation of 70€ you will be invited to an aperitif dinner made by me, as well as the newsletter to follow the progress of the project. Event in September (30 places available)

      Estimated delivery: September 2022

      Voucher for 1 night for 2 people + Chef at Home


        For any donation of 250€ you will receive a voucher for 1 night for 2 people in the accommodation as well as my skills as a chef at home, i.e. a meal for 2 people, based on local products, (starter, main course, dessert, wine and aperitif). As well as the newsletter to follow the progress of the project. Date to be agreed together (normally in September 2022)

        Estimated delivery: September 2022

        1 week's rental for 4/5 people


          For any donation of 550€, 1 week's rental for 4/5 people (out of high season) valid for 2 years from September 2022 (date to be agreed together knowing that the rental price after construction will be higher). As well as the newsletter to follow the progress of the project.

          Estimated delivery: September 2022

          2 weeks of rental for 4/5 people


            For a donation of 1000e, 2 weeks of rental (out of high season) for 4/5 people (knowing that the rental price after construction will be higher), valid for 2 years from September 2022, as well as the newsletter to follow the progress of the project.

            Estimated delivery: September 2022

            Terroir Pack including the first Week of renting


              For any donation of 1500e, « the terroir pack », including the first and only week of renting the house for 4 people, as well as my skills as a chef at home for a discovery of the products of our region, spread over 3 dinners, each including three course menu, plus cheese, wine and aperitif, all based on the terroir and the sharing of my knowledge on the place, the construction, the meal and many other things I hope! As well as the famous newsletter of course!

              Estimated delivery: July 2022

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