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Kapris / Ephemeral Tattoos

Here our first sample : EDEN GARDEN 


Allocation of funds


The prototypes of the boards are ready, the Drawings well framed, the cards and illustrations all printed. But for all this to go ahead I need your help! 


 By contributing to this Campaign, you'll make Kapris a reality.

With the money raised, I'll be able to produce the boards for the very first collection! 10 model boards (a prototype has already been funded).


It will also help me to create my website. My dream is to have my own website for online sales: my temporary tattoo boards, but also my illustrations, posters, cards – everything to do with images.

Details of the funding budget:

10 boards in 500 copies = 4500 euros

Registration of the KAPRIS brand = 210 euros

Creation of the Website, E-commerce = 300 euros

Extras (Tote bags, frames, postal items ..) = 250 euros

Platform commission = 420 euros

Total = 5680 euros.

So you can already exclusively order the boards you like most and support this project so dear to my heart!

If you're more "Illustration" than "Tattoo" (nobody's perfect), I also offer drawings I've created and framed especially for you …


I've also printed pretty little cards and soon Tote bags with the image of my dear Blue Venus.


Thanks to all of you


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