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Hi, my name is Fabiana Silberstein. I'm the creator of LA BELLE REBELLE , a bathing suit line that was born on one hot summer day in which I realized that the bathing suits I wanted to wear didn't exist. After doing extensive research, I had an epiphany: why don't I just make them myself?


So that's where it all started; I began creating bathing suits finding inspiration in music and the style icons of the 60s and 70s that differed from everything I was seeing on the market. My goal is to be able to offer a way out of the dictatorship of striped bikinis that invade stores in the beginning of the summer. 




Little sneak peek of the latest samples



Because it's important for us to feature emerging talent, all our bathing suits are made with exclusive prints made by young artist, by hand. Our idea is to be able to feature one different artist each collection, so we get to create pieces that we find inspiring to make, the artists get the chance to showcase their art, and you get to wear something more inspired than the usual bikini. 





Work in progress in the comforting company of a café noisette 


And because style is worth nothing without quality, we make all our pieces with the softest, best quality fabrics from Italy and Spain .


I started this project tour years ago while living in Miami. I happened to meet Camille, an extraordinary woman with whom I now share my kitchen, my life, and most importantly, my cat. I fell in love and I decided to drop everything and move to Paris bringing La Belle Rebelle along! 




My cat Carmen plotting against my day of work




My girlfriend Camille being forced to model for me 


Today, it is my dream to be able to present my collection to the world of Parisian fashion and of course to all of you!





For this season, I teamed up with my long time friend and fashion school classmate Carla Quevedo, with whom I co-designed the entire collection. We were inspired by the color palette of Wes Anderson films and the gorgeous works of Italian artist Valério Adami. We had the chance and the pleasure of working with Argentinean illustrator, Franca Barone, who designed novelty drawings in pastel tones that play with shocking tones of orange and yellow. 





When it comes to design, we like to keep it simple and functional. That's why we created 3 types of tops, 2 types of bottom  and 2 one pieces that we intend to make in the 4 prints and 4 selected solid colors so you can mix and match as desired.





Our idea is to offer you reasonable prices; that's why we'd like to sell the swimsuits directly through our website, thus eliminating the middle man that often makes the price rise up to more than double! 


Each time you'll buy through the website, we guarantee secure payment  (we will offer possibility to pay by credit card and Paypal). Shipping will be free within France territory, sent by Colissimo with tracking. For the rest of the European Union and Switzerland, the shipping will be 12,50€ and 23,70€ for the rest of the world. All orders from 150€ will be shipped for free wherever you are in the world! 


Allocation of funds



So, why do we need 4000€?  

The fabrics are already bought and the samples are done, now we need your help to produce:

- 2000€ for the confection of the garments

- 680€ for tags and packaging 

- 1000€ for improving the website

- 320€ for KissKiss Bank Bank 





If we get more than 4000€, this is how we would use the money: 


4700€: Make a professional lookbook (500€ for photographer, 200€ for studio) 

5200€: Print catalogues (approx. 500€ for 200 units) 

6000€: Launch Facebook advertising campaign from May to August (with a budget of 200€ per month) 



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