La Fabrique : une péniche, un atelier, une salle d'exposition

Aidez-nous à transformer une péniche en un atelier d’ébénisterie et une galerie d’art.

Project visual La Fabrique : une péniche, un atelier, une salle d'exposition
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La Fabrique : une péniche, un atelier, une salle d'exposition




Who are we?


Theo, passionate about the drawing and the conception of furniture, worked in several workshops. He then worked for a Parisian cabinetmaker where he realized different parts of high-end furniture. Gregory is a creative person and an art-lover. Although he initially was studying science, he chose to follow his passion. After being employed by various cabinetmakers he worked at a decorator’s of the 8th art.






Our ambition


Our project is to settle our workshop on an as attractive as outstanding place, a barge, in the capital of the art and the culture, Paris.






Our activity will concern, on the one hand, the creation and the realization of art furniture, the restoration of antique furniture, the marquetry and, on the other hand, the organization of exhibitions of works or artistic events in any kind.






To share our passion and make cabinet-making accessible to all, a showroom will be set up so that different artists and craftsmen can show their work.






But to make this project occur, we need your help! So imagine a 38m long boat in Paris, with a unique charm and whose unusual function will be to host both a room where you could display and a workshop where we could all communicate, exchange and make new designs!



The origins of the project


We can only notice and regret that, in front of the increase of the Parisian rents, it became impossible for most of the craftsmen to remain in the capital.

We don’t want to consider this situation inevitable, so we have chosen to settle on the banks of the Seine.

A barge, given its surface, offers all the possibilities required by our project.



The different steps of the project





1 - The acquisition of the barge: Our project needs a barge, Freycinet type, 38 meters.


2 - The repairs: these barges dating 1920s, for the oldest, works must be realized on the hull.


3 - The works of rehabilitation and the putting in the standards: The purpose of a barge is to transport a load; its use for another function requires numerous works such as the ballasting, the electricity, the water, the isolation and the heating


4 - The renovation work of the workshop: These works will combine the realization of a floor in wood and a ceiling made with glass. This soil made with glass will have a dual function: letting the light in and allowing visitors to see what’s inside the workshop. Facilities regarding inhalation and to the aeration will be added.


5 - The renovation of the showroom: in order to welcome visitors, a closed and removable space is also made at this level.


The works and the arrangements will be  respecting nature and environment.




3D modeling












Why do we need your contribution?


We need you for the third phase of the project, which will allow us to move from a completely empty metal shim to a fitted one.


We are also making contact with you for other reasons: this way, our activity gets to be known, we can evaluate the impact of this concept on the public, and the interest such a project can raise.





Allocation of funds

We estimates the needs around 30 000 € if we want to proceed with the rehabilitation of the barge (phase 3).



If we reach this goal:


The funds thus raised will be distributed in the following way:


Electricity: Our activity requires a powerful electric installation for which we plan on using  a clean energy (solar panels …) as much as possible. (10 000 €)


Water: Because we are eco-friendly, we want to put in place a water filtration system taking water from the Seine. (4 000 €)


Insulation: works are needed for sound and thermal insulations  (7 000 €)


Heating: Because the hull is made by metal, a heating system is essential to preserve our hardware and ensure basic comfort, in order to work in good conditions. (4 000 €)


Ventilation: Wood is an element sensitive to hydrometric fluctuations. That is why a ventilation system is necessary to make sure air is renewed. (5 000 €)






If we exceed this goal:


The money raised will be invested in the ballasting of the boat :


Ballasting: To allow the barge to cross over bridges once fitted we need to weigh it down from 60 to 80 tons. (15 000 € for 60 tons)




Whatever the level of your help, a big thank you to everyone!!!

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