La Fantômobile

A mobile workshop to craft your own collective large scale Light Show!

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La Fantômobile

Hello ! 😄
Thanks so much for your interest.
Your time is precious so let's get straight to the point 🚀

The project in 2 words

Our objective is to bring movement, light, and positive energy to all the cities of Europe. To combine our Workshops and collective Projections in a cruiser accessible to all!

Here is how it works onsite :

  1. Capture your movement to break it down on a board of 8 images
  2. Draw your silhouette on the board
  3. Scan the board to project your animation live in the show

The Creators

Artist and director, Philippe has developed his techniques in Montreal since 10 years mostly within Moment Factory studio for projects like MUSE, Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Olympics. 

Marie has always worked in the audiovisual landscape for many different Structures, Film sets and Festivals (Cannes, Namur, Lille...).

After several prototypes, our first large scale adventure is launched in Nantes, France. The creation Les Fantômes de l'Île gathers 400 inhabitants' characters in a gigantic light mural.

The project in details

The main focus for Les Fantômes is to speak directly to the audience and bring them the tools to create themselves.

We bring poetry, light, and movement to the city. Our mission is to create shared memories that last.

We propose 3 different formats so far which suit small events as well as large cities or even outdoor festivals.

Our first iterations of Fantômaton and Fantômapping in Nantes went very well. To launch at 100%, the only ingredient that is missing is the Fantômobile !

They tried it

How can you help ?

We brainstormed to get you some amazing gifts which returns will help us gather all the different parts to assemble the Fantômobile.

The best part is that you can create your own Fantôme right away straight from home and get the personalized items for yourself or as a gift !


We will also send you your custom hand-drawn Paper Poster of your movement ! 
Perfect for a gift or in a frame for your home decoration as a memory of the experience.

We also work with cultural spaces, venues, bar terraces, and retail. We can work together to enlight your location and bring some positive energy with Les Fantômes.

Our Ambassadors' community is like Family to us. 
After our first year and iterations, we believe so much in the concept what we trust YOU to be the right messenger to invite more participants to create their Fantômes.

Our Fantômobile format is designed to be as flexible and accessible as possible. Whatever the size of your city, we will find a solution to bring creative energy to your neighbourhood. 

Don't hesitate to share the concept around you, to your friends/family, cultural organisations, touristic institutions and local City councils.

Looking forward to meeting you on the road ! 😉

Allocation of funds

Here is how we plan to split the crowdfunding budget if we reach our first objective:

On our side, we are establishing strong partnerships with brands and equipment providers. And we're already confirming some dates for our planning. We're confident we can reach our goal of 12 Fantomobile shows for 2021.

Finally, we're dreaming big, and with your strong support, we can even reach 150% or even 200% of our objective!

  • 100% = A huge thank you for your help!
    🚗 Our base prototype can start!
  • 150% = You guys are incredible 🙏
    🛠️ Professional help for the conception and design of the scenography
    🏎️ Level-up for the skinning of the Vehicle 
  • 200% et plus = Démarrage en trombe grâce à vous tous !
    🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼 User tests and study to improve the general experience 
    🔦 Level-up for the projection equipment
    📐 Design and construction of our mobile shop appendix

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Les Fantômes.! 🚀 


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