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La Fontana di San Martino alle Fonti - Restauriamola!

A beautiful antique fountain on which we work for years. We would like to give back its original splendor. Are you one of us, too?

Project visual La Fontana di San Martino alle Fonti - Restauriamola!
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End date
Out of €9,000
19 %
While you ask for 9,000 Euros, what about all the money collect in surplus?
To reach 9,000 Euros allow us to buy the materials needed stone the lack of which in the past had caused the block of the work.
The restoration then resume REALLY thanks to the donors!
Astonish us! ... see the details of the project, step by step, how woulb be spent all funds raised, also those in surplus compared to the threshold of 9,000. Each euro is more then important!

If I do not use a credit card can I still participate to the collection for the restoration of the fountain of San Martino to the Sources?
Yes, but not directly: the platform for the italian projects does not yet provide the use of wire transfers to donate directly on Kiss Kiss, but the donations made to the project by bank (one time we have received the credit advice) will be paid by the credit card of the association in the name of those who have made the donation, thus obviating this limitation. So the funds will reach in any case the cumulated-donations on kiss-kiss.
As soon as possible you will receive an official notification that alerts you to the achievement of your money for the cause of restoration, just as it heppens to those who donate directly by credit card.
If the donation that I chose is provided with one or more rewards that I can not enjoy or can I let deliver it to benefit others?
Of course you can.
Example 1: one of the rewards provided is a summer camp for children between 5 and 14 years old and I am an adult and no children.
I can indicate how beneficiary my nephew (ex. son of my brother), or any child who will like the camp: just tell us apart the name of the beneficiary to arrange his participation
or ...

Example 2: I want to donate for the restoration project, but I also want to let appear the name of a friend who for different reasons I respect and admire a lot (a gift): simply insert the name and details of the friend, instead of your.
or ...

Example 3: I know a friend who would like to donate himself to the cause of the restoration, but does not use the credit card...
I can do two grants, one on behalf of myself and onether on behalf of my friend (making me pay back the amount that he decided to donate).
For each of the two donations we will pay rewards expected, although physically I made the donation for both.
How can I donate on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank?
It's quite simple:
1 - I log on: http://www.kisskissbankbank.com

2 - I sign in with my personal data

3 - I search for the project of my interest or go directly to:

4 - I choose the amount that I want donate, then I follow the procedure until payment is required. Remember, to donate you can only use credit cards.
If you do not use credit cards contact us.

5 - if for some reasons you are not able to follow these steps, call the toll-free number 800.134988 for assistance (only from italian phones) or write a mail to: salvaguardia@etabetaonlus.org.