La route de la bière des Alpes

It is one picture book, backed up with a guide to follow and a technical handbook on beers of the French Alps.

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La route de la bière des Alpes

La route de la Bière des Alpes - The Road of Beer in the AlpsMbc_001

We invite you to take part in the project of book “La Route de la Bière des Alpes”. It is the association of a journalist, a photographer and a “bierologist” which gave rise to the idea of this “Beau Livre”.


It will be one picture book, backed up with a guide to follow and a technical handbook on beers of the French Alps.



Detailed presentation of the project


Alphand beers, Mandrin, brewery of Le Chardon… with approximately 37 artisanal breweries in activity (micro and mini breweries, Brew Pub)

The French Alps are affirmed like an area of point in the production of beers in France.


It is thus on this road that we take on you board in search of these family factories which brew beers of high fermentation whose names are an invitation with the alpine travel:

brewery of the Mount Aiguille, Vercors or the Cimes, Microbrasserie de Chamonix with its receipts worked out with the water of the glaciers which offers the stout of Drues or the Blanche des Guides.


128 pages, format 170 X 240 mm

impression Quadri recto/back

Modern art paper half chechmate 150 G

Shaping: stuck bent square back

Cover with reductions of 140 mm

Impression Quadri recto + stripping chechmate + varnished serigraphic U.V selective brilliance




A project which is written with words and images.


For the account:

Marie Mazeau, journalist lifestyle and Emmanuel Gillard one of the rare French “bierologists”.


For the photographs:

David J. Richalet ( photographer freelance met about fifteen brewers and carries on his way.


Allocation of funds

“La Route de la Bière des Alpes” is the first work of the very young publisher the Editions Images & Mots (in course of creation).

Our goal is to make a “Beau Livre” which gives desire and which is the first of a series on French beers (follow-up by beers of Europe and besides…).


The collection will finance the manufacturing and the impression of “La Route de la Bière des Alpes” as well as displacements of our team. We would also like to envisage at the time of the evening of launching of the book, a photo exposure on the breweries of the Alps, around a pleasant reception to satisfy ones in love with “foam” and the gourmets.Brasserie_cimes_44Mbc_020Mbc_053_01Mbc_031

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