Le fournil du Terly (bakery)

Thank you for helping us renovate a century old fire oven to continue making bread on the Compostelle way !

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Le fournil du Terly (bakery)

The project started during winter 2020 where we initiated the old bread oven's and the farm barn's renovation in the small hamlet of Le Terly, near Figeac (Lot, 46). During the 2021 summer season, the Fournil du Terly opened, offering a pelgrim gite with a dormitory, a bakery and a small fast food restaurant on the Saint Jacques de Compostelle hicking trail. The bakery part started in March 2021. All year, we are producing sourdough bread with an organic flour form Cantal (https://marcoles.fr/lescoopainsbio/), cookies, biscuits and brioches. With this project, we would like to : - preserve the local heritage of bread making with this kind of old fire oven. This type of oven are common in this area, but these are only occasionally used. Our methods of production are entirely hand-made, we knead by hand and we cook with fire. - support local economy by using local distribution chanels and offering a food service made of heatlhy, local and nourishing products. - create a welcoming space by including habitants in this project as well as the people that visit, pelgrims on their way and walker/fishermen around the Guirande lake. This first season was an amazing experience for the three of us and confirmed our wish to continue and let this project grow.

Allocation of funds

The collect will help us make some arrengements in the bakery in order for us to improve our work place : - install electricity and plumbing in the bakery (4000 euros) - renovate the roof cover in order to avoid water leaks (300 euros) - install a hood for a better smoke evacuation (300 euros) - create a protected space outdoor (400 euros)


A big thank for your help !


  • 16 contributions
We thank you greatly for your contribution, we will put your name on the donation panel.

Handmade bookmark


  • 7 contributions
A handmade bookmark with a packet of wheat seeds from our flour supplier + a walnut/honey cookie.

Sweet contribution


  • 11 contributions
You can come get at the bakery either a 1kg bread, a walnut 500g bread or 2 cookies.

Douceurs du fournil à la maison


  • 7 contributions
Vous recevez chez vous 2 cookies noix-miel et une reproduction du marque page du fournil.

A lunch for 2 on the terrace


  • 16 contributions
Lunch for two people during the summer season (from May to September) : tomato-cheese pizza and dessert.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

Grosse miche personnalisée


  • 2 contributions
Nous faconnons pour vous une grosse miche de 2 kg personnalisée avec un mot pour un évenement ou pour le plaisir.

"Les trois miches"


  • 9 contributions
A special edition of the linoprint "Les trois miches" sent at your place.

Bread subscription card


  • 2 contributions
The equivalent of 4 months of a 500g plain bread every week that you can come get at anytime during the year.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

A night in Le Terly !


  • 2 contributions
We invite you to spend one night in the fournil du Terly gite (12 persons dormitory), including the dinner and the breakfast made by Clémence. Reservation possible from May to September 2022.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

A day in the bakery !


  • 2 contributions
Come and spend one day with one of the baker to learn how to make bread and pizza in a traditionnal fire oven ! The day will start before sunrise and will end with a shared meal.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

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