Le Marché Local

Let's create together a 100% local food store in the city center of Montpellier. Producers with less than 150km in short circuits.

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Mouvement Colibris

Le Marché Local

Le Marché Local : Grocery of local products in downtown Montpellier.







All our producers are selected within a 150 km radius of the warehouse, with the Le Marché Local as their only intermediary and therefore in short circuits.   You will find:   Fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, wine, charcuterie, pasta, oil, tapenade, prepared meals, honey, jam, beer, bread, Flour ... and still many other good things;).




A small sample of the products that will be offered to you.   ... And where each product will be chosen as close as possible to these 4 values:   - Local (-150km)



Localite-1486070501Maximum radius of producers.

  - Rational production   - Respect for the environment and animals   - Respect for the seasons     More than just a store, Le marché Local wants to be a real place for everyone! We will therefore offer tasting evenings and a real contact with our employees.     Location:   The Local Market will be located in downtown Montpellier:




For now I can not give details because it is in negotiation, but you will be the first to know!     Origin:     At the origin of this project there is me, Dorian, 25 years old, who can not see products any more than 5,000 km to reach our stores.





But also to see that the producers are feet and fists tied against the giants of the supermarket. That mass production does not respect humans, the environment or animals.   And finally to see strawberries on the stalls in November!   I have always worked in the distribution and have a Bachelor in this field.




So I decided to take the lead and create Le Marché Local. This project needs two years of reflection but today it is ready to see the light!     Project progress:   The compromise of sale is soon signed (this is why for now it remains a secret).   I met a lot of producers and selected about sixty.



20170202_110741-1486044146Tasting with our partner Cécile du Château de Fourques.

  The website is under construction.   The Business Plan is over.

Allocation of funds

Why participate?     Embarking on such an adventure requires a minimum of funds. In addition to our personal contribution and a bank loan, a little help from you would be welcome;)     For the project to grow still, we need € 6,500 (oh it's so much!).     This will make it possible to finance:   Two refrigerated display cases for fresh produce: € 4,000   One cash register: 1,000 €   Furniture: 1,000 €   Commission Kiss Kiss Bank Bank: € 500 (8%)




The funds will go through my bank account (Dorian Oulaidi) because the business start-up is not finalized.   For my part I finance: the premises, the right to the lease, our window, the works, the administrative expenses and the communication.     In summary, if the campaign exceeds our objectives, it will allow us to welcome you in a place even more warm thanks to your generosity!     At 8 000 €: A freezer to be able to sell ice cream (Oh yes ice cream !!).   At 12 000 €: Furniture of origin France.   To 18 000 €: A piece of furniture to bulk.   At 21 000 €: Tasting even more evenings!         So if this project pleases you, come join us and go together towards a more responsible consumption!       A huge thank you.           Dorian.

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