The Cat From Across the Street - a new book for children

A story for children (from 3 years old) about tolerance and diversity!

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The Cat From Across the Street - a new book for children

A young mother of a 3-year-old girl and passionate about languages ​​and literature, I have always dreamed of writing and publishing books. During my studies of Modern Letters, project management, and cultural mediation, I discovered the world of cinema and TV production. As a writer and director of a short documentary, I started writing children's books five years ago. Today, I want to publish them and have them translated into several languages. Originally from Slovakia and after living in Paris for 15 years, I have now been living in Vienna, Austria for a year. It is here but also elsewhere that I want to share my passion for children's literature. I would like to tell stories, discuss topical issues and through these books, convey a message of humanity, friendship, and sensitivity. I recently created my publishing house le mOnde des Ours to publish my book The Cat From Across the Street. I write about topics such as friendship, tolerance, and diversity to fight against racism and discrimination. As I've been sad by the current situation in the world, I started writing this story; below you will find the synopsis as well as the illustrations drawn by Laura, a very talented illustrator whom I highly recommend ( This book is written in 2 volumes, the first one is called Chocolate and the second one Caramel. I wanted to address these issues to children but also to adults. I would like to send a message of tolerance today, seems to be so necessary, especially at this time. Details: 40-page Album Format: 294mm x 215mm Hardcover Munken pure 170g inner paper (EU Ecolabel certifications) Public sale price 15 € (excluding shipping costs) I hope you like my story, thank you in advance for your support! Synopsis It’s a story of a cat, White, who meets a dog, Chocolate. Both are so different and yet so close. Together they discover life in a different light and so happiness sets in. It is a meeting that gives birth to a deep friendship with values, trust, and complicity. One day, White decides to go on an adventure. He likes to walk on Parisian terraces and balconies, but this time he takes the path of a sidewalk. Leaving the 15th district, he walks for a long time until he gets lost. When he arrives at Place de la Bastille, he meets Chocolate, a dog who also walks and explores Paris in a different way. They will become friends despite the differences in color, origin, and race. Together, they will introduce each other to new places, gourmet pleasures, and cultural richness. The arrival of another dog, Caramel, in the second book, will disrupt their daily life and turn their lives upside down ... Even if Caramel is of the same breed, living in the same neighborhood, yet, he is so different and represents an intolerant and arrogant character. Chocolate and White prove to us that in life we need to be curious and attentive. We have to know how to observe and take risks when it offers us an opportunity for a magical discovery. We must defend our values ​​and not let ourselves be crushed, we should remain attentive and benevolent. Because curiosity, benevolence, and tolerance help us resist fear and wickedness. Friendship is an important bond that we create from a young age and that can be kept for a lifetime. To maintain it, we must take care of it, water it like a plant with love, with confidence and tenderness. To grow slowly, we must keep the spirit of a child, accepting differences, and love without borders, at all ages. I have been inspired by the current situation for several months and I have written other books about topics such as respect for the environment, adoption, or disease. So, I hope that this little presentation has given you the desire to discover them and to support me!!! :-) Several versions will be available in French, English, German, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, and many more. Together, let's create a better world by sharing this story with the little ones but also with the older ones! Support my campaign to get the books in time for Christmas!

Allocation of funds

If we reach the goal, it will already be WONDERFUL thanks to you! Volume I. Chocolate from the book The Cat From Across the Street will be published :-) Here is the diagram of the planned financing: It will be even MORE WONDERFUL, and your contributions will allow me to edit other books waiting to be published, including Volume II. Caramel from my first book The Cat From Across the Street! In addition, having always been engaged in associative and humanitarian activities, I have been communicating with Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders) for a year now. It's a non-profit association that strengthens the capacity of people in vulnerable situations by facilitating access to education, culture, and information. I wish to get involved with them, all over the world, for partnership projects. If my campaign is successful and if we manage to exceed the target, I will give them a few copies of my books published in several languages! Thank you - Merci - Ďakujem - Vielen Dank - Köszönöm - תודה - Gracias - СПАСИБО - Grazie - 謝謝 - Hvala vam - شكرا لكم

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