SQUASH, our sport, our passion, our goals

Come support Léa and Ninon, two young rising stars of French squash who dream of Olympic Games

Project visual SQUASH, our sport, our passion, our goals
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SQUASH, our sport, our passion, our goals

As members of the Mulhouse Squash Club (French national team champions in National 1), we play together on the French national tour.


We still compete in junior tournaments and are currently ranked in the French adult top 20 (Ninon is ranked 13th, Léa is ranked 20th) In our competitive sport and through our project, our objective is to find more opposition in national and international tournaments in order to improve as quickly as possible.


Playing for France in the greatest international competitions is our ultimate goal with the hope to participate to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 



Ninon (15 years old) is currently a player at the national academy of Aix-en-Provence.


French Champion U15 (december 2017), 

French Champion U13 (april 2016),

French Champion U13 (april 2015),

French Champion  U11 (january 2014) 

French Championship Runner-up  U13 (march 2014)

Member of the French national team U13 and U15 ( from 2014 to 2018)

European Championships : Winner Swiss Open 2017 (U15), Winner Belgium Open 2015 (U13), Winner Swedish Open 2015 (U13)

Bronze medal European team Championships (U15) (may 2018)


Léa (17 years old) is currently bases at Angers training center  



2016 : National Open Paris - Déesses
2016 : French junior Championship U17 - la Rochelle (5th place)

2016 : Nantes Open (Runner-up)

2016 : National Open - Val de Reuil (Runner-up)
2016 : National Open - Gazelle Albi (6th place)
2016 : French junior Open Lille U17 (17th place)

2016 : Corsica Open (4th)
2016 : French junior Championship U19 Vitrolles (10th place)

2016 : Belgium junior Open U17 Brussels (12th place)

2016 : Swiss junior Open U17 (17th place)
2016 : Rennes Open - Hermine (Winner)
2016 : Best french ranking  U17 : n°1

2017 : French junior Open U17 Lille (14th place)
2017 : French junior Championship U17 Toulouse (4th place)

2017 : National Open, Brive (4th place)

2017 : National Open Bordeaux - Jupettes (9th place)


Allocation of funds

Making a dream come true requires work, talent but also substantial financial support!


With squash not being very popular, the contributions from the national federation of squash and our club in Mulhouse are not enough to cover all of our expenses.


Thus, in order to participate to national and international competitions which represent a necessary stage in our development, we have to pay for train and plane tickets, hotels, food or even competition registration fees.


By financing our project, you will allow us to participate to future competitions in the best conditions possible : 


8 international junior tournaments

- Swedish Open / October

- Belgium Open / November

- Swiss Open / December

- British Open / January

- French Open / February

- Croatian Open / April

- German Open / July

- Dutch Open / July


3 French championships 

- French junior closed

- Qualification France Elite Open

- France Elite Open


6 national senior tournaments

- Gravelines Open

- Lyon Open

- Bordeaux Open

- Paris Open

- Albi Open

- Antibes Open


10 régional seniortournaments

- Nantes

- Val de Reuil

- La Rochelle

- Niort

- Toulouse

- Pau

- Le Mans

- Rennes

- Tours

- Nancy


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