Le vélo du futur - recycler votre énergie - freiner c'est accélérer

New revolutionary technology: the bike CussC. Participate in the take-off of this magnificent project. Brake is accelerate.

Project visual Le vélo du futur - recycler votre énergie - freiner c'est accélérer
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Le vélo du futur - recycler votre énergie - freiner c'est accélérer


                                                               Brake it is to accelerate






The Spires Carbone company, has for vocation to develop this outstanding bike, to be able to propose it to you.




In practice, how does il work ?



At the time of the braking, the rotation of the wheel twists a spring in spiral in the back wheel.


With a command on the guidon, the cyclist can free at any time this energy to revitalize his pedaling, or to relaunch his bike.


A braking of 9 m necessary for the stop of the bike, allows to boost it on 6,75 m. The strength of relaunching produced by the spring corresponds to a cyclist of 80 Kg in position up on pedals.


These efficiencies will evolve and adapt themselves with the expectations of worn future.


1-Your bike runs normally

The CussC mechanisme is disconected from the rotation of the wheel.


2-You want to slow down

At the beginning, only the usual brakes are active.


3-You brake rather strongly

The braking is rather strong to twist the spring.

The usual brakes are nullify for a moment.

The spring stores some energy.


4-You brake even more

The two types of brakings are active.


5-You stop your bike (or you stop to brake)

The mechanism is reversed (step 3 / 2 / 1)


6-You want to restart or to use your energy of braking for a help to pedal

You turn a buton on the guidon of your bike.

The spring is free of rotation and transmits is energy to the whell.


You can stop it when you want.

And if you brake, it stop automatically the spring.

At the end of the relaunching, the spring does not lock the wheel because it is then in free wheel.



With this bike named CussC, you can store a part of your energy of braking, to have a later help to the pedaling.



Why to have developed this bike ?


The electric bikes already supply the same help to the cyclists and even longer, but this process is non-polluting, less heavy, more resistant and less expensive.



After 1 year of digital development of the modelling of this small jewel, by means of mecanical engineers, I look for a financing to realize the prototypes.


The company which I created to realize this magnificent project : Spires Carbone, has already spent all my money.


Now we needs you to be able to offer to the world it fabulous tool of clean travel.




Your participation can allow us to participate in various competitions and your name will be associated with the project.



Why to buy this type of bike ?



1-Is good for your health.


The bike CussC optimizes your practice of bike, so that you can make it even more. And you supply an ideal effort for your physical well-being.

You cycle has your rhythm.


And globally it maintains you in shape to fight against the attacks of the current life, and maintains your cardiovascular system.


2-It is really ecological.


It is extremely more ecological than all the means of transportation requiring an outside contribution of energy.




3-It is economic.


It is the archetypal economic mode of transport.


He allows you to make more distance than with a traditional bike, without any clean-up fees hidden, from the beginning to the end of his life.


Also it will be less expensive that the electrical bike.


Finally it avoids you paying for a diet often bad for your health.


4-The range is dedicated to widen.


Several strengths of storage and relaunching are possible in the same mechanism.


The mechanism CussC will be first propose on a cycle Urbain, and will be declined for MOUNTAIN bike, CROSS bikes and HYBRID bike secondly.


The adaptation of the mechanism CussC on a truck showed its strong economic viability.




5-It is fast and effective in town.


The bike exceeds in speed and in regularity all other means of transport urban (exepted the motorcycle).


The bike CussC, with its capacity to boosted your bike, is even faster than the normal bike.


So, with its capacity to reduce the intense efforts, it reduces the inconveniences of the perspiration.


6-Runways and road multiply.


In all the European large cities, a strong development policy of bicycle paths was imperative, for the happiness of all.




7-Softened your mobility.


Goodbye the public transportation !


The bike CussC can be the solution to this stress which imposes you every day our society of mass.


8-Bike for all.


People were affected by diseases, cardiac, even physical affecting hips, knees, or lumbar vertebrae, gave up the practice of the bike.


With the bike CussC, they can resume a physical activity,




9-Stop congestion of the cities.


By preferring the bike for your daily routes rather than another type of transport, you participate in the good to live in all your city.


10-No specific learning.


Almost everybody knows how to cycle, and its learning is accessible to all.


11-No maintenance or of electric refill.


Your bike CussC will require the same maintenance as a traditional bike. And miracle, it will bring you a precious help in your relaunchings.


12-The quality of the product.


This spring, used normally in watchmaker's shop, will be in carbon fiber, thus extremely precise.




13. The recycling.


The bike CussC will be recyclable 100%.


14. Be ready for the energy shock.


The bike CussC embodies our desire and our need to consume better.

When the shock will arrive, all the alternative products in the common energy consumption are going to increase under the influence of an explosive world demand.


15. Secure your mobility.


After the public transportation, the bike is the safest means of transportation in town: 20 times less mortality in bike than in scooter and four times less than in automobile !


By inciting you to manage better your phases of brakings and relaunchings, you secure naturally your practice of the bike CussC.


No more need to run red lights, we can stop and restart effortlessly and protect themselves from accidents (and fines).



The SPIRES CARBONE company needs you to offer to the world this beautiful tool of clean travel.

With your help, it fabulous project improving our conditions of urban life, can become a reality.


You can find us on the www.spires-carbone.com web site.


Allocation of funds

Your help will allow us to realize the first prototype (to validate the good technical solutions).



1st prototype

Manufacturing of the mechanism in metal

4 200 €

Manufacturing the spring in carbon fiber

2 600 €


200 €



Total : 7 000 €


I have 3 500 € of still available finance.


So i need a help of 3 500 €


According to your donations, a finished product could be available for Christmas (looked well under the fir tree).


Thank you very much to participate at this fabulous affair,


Bruno Civardi.

Spires Carbone


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