Les 24h du Mans côté paddock

Support my first photographic exhibition during the Perpignan OFF Festival, occurring from August 30st to September 14th 2014 DAMIEN LAMBERT

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Les 24h du Mans côté paddock


I have been a real photography passionate for many years, and I love to share my passion with others.

A great opportunity occurred fortuitously recently: to be part of a racing team in the “24 heures du Mans” race to capture the backstage atmosphere of this legendary competition…




This experience gave me the chance to follow a team in the “24 heures du Mans”, from the qualifying sessions to the finish.






The most exciting about it was to capture the emotions while trying to merge into the surroundings.

Stress, concentration, fatigue, happiness, relief, tears… many states which were passed by the people who walked in front of my lens.




The first critiques about this job were very positive, and this is when I knew that photojournalism would take a big place in my practice of photography.


Then I decided to apply for the Perpignan OFF Festival, an event occurring during the “VISA pour l’image” an international festival of photojournalism. I wanted to generate more interest for my work than through usual social sharing platforms.


Without any certitude, I sent my application-form for the festival and surprisingly received a positive answer a few weeks later!


I now have to get ready for the concrete part of the project: organizing and settling…


The Perpignan festival OFF will run from August 30st to September 14th 2014 


The exhibition will take place in the Café Casa, 45 rue Llucia in Perpignan. Map


You can already have a look at the pictures I will use for the exhibition on my Facebook page:

Album facebook festival OFF Perpignan 2014


I’m looking forward to hearing of your feedback about this project.


Allocation of funds

The fundraising will be used to back up the fees of the photo prints and the trip to Perpignan


Every photos will be printed on rigid board Dibon

13 prints format 33x50 and 2 prints format 50x50: 500€ (Prints and test prints)


The trip to Perpignan will be done for the setup of the pictures on the exhibition premises. It will take 3200km in total, 350€.

The real cost should be around 600€ (toll fees and gas) but I’m counting on some carpooling to reduce it!

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