Les dimanches de Mamie Câline

Be part of a family adventure : a cookbook with 34 authentic recipes of Pasqualina, my Italian grandmother.

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Les dimanches de Mamie Câline

Born in center of Italy, Pasqualina, become Pascaline then Mamie-Câline for all successive grandchildren of our family, gather each generation for more than 30 years.

Her sunday's lunchs are a real institution !




With this book, i wanted to show all her "savoir-faire", her great intuitions and all love she put into each of her plates.


The 120 pages book is composed of 34 recipes : 5 starters, 19 main courses, 6 desserts et 4 "childhood souvenirs" !  






I also wanted this book 100% made in France whereas most editing houses print in China or eastern europe. That's why I picked a small french printing house named Graph2000 based in Argentan, Normandy.  





Special thanks to Serge for his amazing camera, Christophe for his help on video, Marine & Léo for Mamie and I picture, Carlos for translations and my mother who woke me up very early each sunday morning of this adventure ! :-)


I am also very proud of my grandmother for her enthusiasm and great mood during the whole project !

Allocation of funds

The first objective of 8500€ would be used to print 200 books. I wanted high quality paper and materials to show the recipes the best way.


Below is the distribution for 200 books :

74% printing

14% delivery

8% website commision

4% text correcting




If, thanks to your generosity and interest, we exceed 300 books ordered, we will do a few benefits.


With this money, I would like to take my grandmother to Rome for a week-end. She was born less than 100km away from italian capital but she never had the chance to visit it.


One of her dream I would like to become true.




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