PREVENT – MAINTAIN – IMPROVE your physical condition and well-being

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A unique multidisciplinary  website offering physical exercises and information about soft and alternatives therapies related to well-being.


The video’s sessions were created by  professionals dancers and certified teachers in collaboration with health professionals.

And a thematic program dedicated to the accompaniment of pathologies in everyday life, animated by osteopaths and physiotherapists.


                                                   PREVENT - MAINTAIN – IMPROVE


                                                    Preventing and relieving pathologies

                                                        Feel good in your body

                                                           Maintaining Health

                                                    Aspiring to a better quality of life


"Physical health accessible  everyday "





The project is the result of a collective reflection on the body and its injuries carried out by former professional dancers: Ballet Preljocaj, Paris Opera, New York City Ballet, Grand Théâtre de Genève and DV8 Physical Theater.


As a dancer I worked long years at the highest level by managing my body (my working tool) everyday. This allowed me to learn deeply how my body works.


The encounter with several work  techniques has been extremely rewarding to improve the knowledge of the body and the physical condition.


Since 8 years I have been a Pilates Instructor at my Pure Pilates Center. On a daily basis, I see the many possibilities of accompanying and relieving people with physical difficulties through exercises that are sometimes very simple.


The plateforme has 4 solutions :




An unique product dedicated to hotels, offering their clients a practice adapted to the environment of the room.

A Pilates session, yoga or a recovery program adapted to the configuration of the room, where the furniture serves as a support for the exercises execution.

The program is available directly on TV.


The exercises provide:


Recover from a trip, prepare your body to optimize the day,  Eliminate lumbar cervical or general stiffness, pain relieve.



The sessions are organized by theme:

Anti-Stress Awakening  - Tonic and regenerative recovery  - tonic  ans dynamic strengthening.







For a daily practice where you want and when you want

And addition  thematic program dedicated to accompanying pathologies.


Objectives: To prevent, maintain and improve physical health


Stimulating blood circulation

Improving breathing

Eliminating certain pains

Releasing and toning the body


Sessions are classified by method of work and by theme

Muscular and Articular Awareness

Muscle strengthening

Stretching and relaxation







Well-being at work. Dedicated to companies, to improve the work envirement quality.

We intervene in the company in order to establish a diagnosis of the causes generating problems related to stress and muscoskeletal disorders to establish a program of exercises adapted to the pathologies encountered.







A participative free space that broadcasts: information and advice by therapists in soft and alternative therapies. Conferences on nutrition and curiosities releated with well-being.



They support us :


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Your donation will help us to support a life project: To spread all well-being in a simple and collaborative way !!!


Your donation will be used to finance the purchase of video cameras and post-production materials, as well as to support communication actions (constant development of the platform ...).


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