Participate in the making and distribution of the film Love? A film with a positive reflection about the quest for love.

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Love? by Denys Beaumatin is a positive, dreamlike aesthetic reflection about the quest for love that follows a winemaker in his world of wine, water and contemporary art.


This short film is all the more important as it will be the means to finance the feature film of the same title ready to be directed.


Presentation of the project by the writer-director: 


My main goal with this film is to create a positive thought about the amazing journey that is the quest for love through the conscious and subconscious of a character.



What is the universe of the story?


Maxime, a winemaker in Bordeaux, operates in an area of ​​outstanding beauty; on top of a small hill in a castle overlooking the river. 




Art is central to the life of the castle, where this esthete enjoys travelling by boat and whose art openings are highly anticipated. Here, Maxime is enveloped by his poetic forces and creates an ideal image of women. It is here that he meets and falls under the charm of Clemence, a young artist who presents her exhibition "La Robe du vin" at the occasion of the presentation of the latest vintage.


The consciousness to evolve into a sublime reality feeds his subconscious. His imagination, his dreams of beauty, projections and memories of a loved one, suggest in this possible love a share of illusion and truth. For him to make the right choice for this love to live to all its potential or to fall in the throes of a destructive passion.



How the film was shot and why?


The film was shot using the Red Epic camera which worked well for filming in high definition digital, with a maximum resolution of 5K. The image 5k is often compared to legendary size 35 mm or 70 mm film. Considered the Rolls Royce of digital  film, the process demands a lot in space and in logistics. Only a few recent movies have used it; such as the Hobbit or Prometheus in 2012.


In addition, the filming was done in ten different designs requiring dollies for almost every shot; with a crew of 25 people mobilized for 4 full days. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for their hard work. Especially the excellent director of photography Yohann Charrin.





Allocation of funds

What remains to be funded? 


All donations will finance post production. Sound synchronization is missing; the composition of a part of the music, notably electro, the harmonization of images and sound via audio mixing, and of course the creation of special effects to reveal the subconscious, the fantasized and the inner world of the main character.

The latter is very important for the success of the film (view below the images that I want to add special effects using my artistic tendencies that correspond to the three phases of the imagination of the character represented by several photographs I've taken). 


During the evolution of the main character's romantic intrigue, we have the image submerged and enveloped by water: 


- The first image will have electro music in the background, hero is enveloped by water : 





- The second image is a creation from an existing image of a cup that fills with blood, wine and water. Through this image, the forgotten memories of our civilization surface in the unconscious of the character. This image calls upon the early writings of our humanity: Mesopotamian myths about the creation of man and woman, their death and possible rebirth.







- And finally; there will be an effect on some images using a retouch of bright red purple to signify the interior paths of the character, initiated by possible gods and angels guiding the character on the way of perfect love.





Now all that is left is the editing of the film. Thanks to you, I can finalize the editing with the same level of requirement while filming  by financing a film editor, a graphic designer, a sound engineer and special effects editor without which the dream of this film cannot be realized. 


Your funding will also help to organize the first private screenings of Bordeaux and Paris as well as to create copies to submit in various short film festivals (Cannes Film Festival, Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers Festival Clermont-Ferrand, the Venice Film Festival ...)



The planning ?


Three weeks for sound and image editing. The end of editing will be before March 3rd in order to send copies of the film to different festivals



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