Love is everywhere

"Love is everywhere" is this exciting desire to shoot a single love story taking place all over the world.

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Love is everywhere


"Love is everywhere" is a bit crazy project for many. Understandable reaction, when you learn that this is a short film that will be shot all around the world, to tell a single story. And yet, the project is well and truly on. That’s the adventure of a short film 3.0, where everyone contributes to tell this beautiful and hopeful story. Because that is what it is, "Love is everywhere" talks about the feeling that carries us all and help us to move forward, the feeling of love that comes and goes but always catching us, no matter our religion, our skin color, our age or our sexual preference. "Love is everywhere" reinforces our belief that we are not alone. Even if this feeling is gone and we miss it, it‘ll be back for sure and perhaps sooner than we think.



Virginia meets a young man, one morning at dawn, on a Parisian bench. It is not yet clear that this will be a beautiful love story that she will live with him. She did not know that it will not be the man of her life. But what she knows even less is that a chain reaction will begin, all around the planet and she is the first act of it herself. She will meet someone again, and have a new beautiful story, even more enjoyable.

















"Love is everywhere" is a worldwild 16 minutes short movie.


Allocation of funds



Funds :

at first, the sum may seem staggering, yet I am confident.

We need 16,000 euros for travel and accommodation of the technical team,  3 people (the director, the cameraman and soundman) .

With 20000 euros, we could rent light materials (shooting equipment is already in our possession) and finance the creation of original music for the movie. Beyond the 20000 euros, the money will be donated to actors and technical team (execpt the director).


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