Make a new O Tannenbaum soundproof!

Leaving the neighbors in one piece.

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Make a new O Tannenbaum soundproof!

As you all know neighbors are the No 1 threat to happiness in bars. Bars are the No 1 threat to happiness of households located close to bars, so it seems.


O Tannenbaum closed it's doors on June 12 th 2015 on the Sonnenallee 27. The search for a new place took a bit more than half a year, but now we're very happy to announce we're going to open a new OTB this summer on The Karl Marx Strasse 28.


That is basically just around the corner of the old one.


The most important part of getting the new Baum ready is making it soundproof. Because we do like a bit of sound!


There is a way of tackling the main problem, noise, and it's easy, but it's quite expensive!







Most of you already know kinda what we did the last 8/9 years, but for those who don't:


O Tannenbaum started 8,5 years ago in the Pfügerstrasse 79 (OTB#1) as a small project space that was open twice a week for mainly concerts, but as well film nights, performances, readings and a lot of weird stuff that doesn't have a name. We had Heatsick, Asmus Tietchens, Harry Merry and many many more playing there.


Afterwards we had no Space, but continued to organize events on location with for example (our personal highlight): 'Night of the Clowns' in cooperation with Ada van Hoorebeke.





We worked some years with CTM where we among other things organized a night at the Maria with Princess Dragonmon, Blectum from Blechdom, Kornreiniger and more, and in Holland, for example a night at the Two Days Art festival in The Hague.





The Second Tannenbaum on the Sonnenallee 27 (OTB #2) was a pretty amazing experience with loads of amazing artists (Justin Yeldham, Felix Kubin, Dolphins into the Future, Container, Dracula Lewis, Harmony Molina to name a few) and visitors of whom many became friends, we had dance nights, films, concerts, karaoke, special food nights, a superdelux bartender team (!!), and god knows what else.


Oh, actually, Belgian beer.





You know we like to play music in our bar, sometimes on a decent level to provoke movement, and we like to have live music on stage.  Also films and crowds of people could create quite a level of noise that is annoying for the neighbors above.


We would like to avoid that with insulating the ceiling, like in the old OTB, but better, and this time also some of the walls, because they carry a lot of the noise upwards too.


There is a basement in the new O Tannenbaum as well, and need to insulate that too to make it a place for little dance parties and events OTB style.


This will all be possible with your support!










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Allocation of funds

O Tannenbaum can't really exist without music. We have a deep love for it, and we know a lot of you feel pretty much the same. Almost every bar has the same famous problem, noise complaints, and we'd really like to minimize that!


To make a real O Tannenbaum, we need a bit of your involvement through financial support, so that we can have a good old Belgian-or-whatever-beer with some weird loud music on the foreground soon. This summer.


The total costs of making a new OTB are about 30.000. With our own saved money plus some money from family and friends we have a total of roughly 20.000. Of course this already takes us a long way furnishing (incl. smoke ventilation, p.a., fridges, lamps etc) and building the bar itself, but to do a basic job of sound insulation, we are approx. 10.000 short.


Insulating is a highly specialized job, and only the measurements needed cost up to 1200 euro.

The biggest costs though, is the material. One of the materials that will be used is called Green Glue. It is a highly sound absorbing paste, that you put between layers of plaster. If you want to know how it all will be done precisely, you can have a look on this website 


We used it before on only one wall (the back wall) in the old OTB and it helped in one day to stop the complaints from a neighbor living at the backside.


For 10.000 euro we can do the necessary basics of insulation. This will make the bar work. Any more money is welcome though; It will be used to make it 'basic +'. That means more layers of drywall and more sound absorbing paste (it can go up to taking away 90% of all sound). Also the basement needs extra soundproofing plus a special air system, that is necessary when you do insulation. So don't be shy with donating if we reached the 10.000, you will make it a better multi functional place!









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