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Monday, November 05, 2012
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The NAO can become YOUR home-helper. For this we need your help. The first step is to order the NAO, build a flexible test track and construct a lift which move him up. When we have all materials together, the NAO can start. He should scan his enviroment and react to all changes. We give him a large database with forms and colors to identify objects. Special objects get scaned and updated in the database. If this work, we develop the options for children. This may take lots of time, because for the work with children we have to be very sensible. They should learn, that robots are friendly, help and play with them, but are not the toys itself.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to teach children?


the first news brings you detailed informations about teaching the children.

We start with some animations for early morning exercise (some easy sport activities), so the childs learn, that NAO is friendly.

Further we integrate the reading of books. For the childs it will look like this. We implement short storys for sleeping and some fairy tales. If possible (we try it) we teach NAO the real reading books.

When the childs play with wooden bricks, NAO will help them and animate the childs, build larger objects.

It will be better, NAO know the childs, so he take a look to everyone who say it's name by catching the red ball, NAO throw to him or her. Then he bring back the ball to NAO.

I think, we get much more ideas, when all other are runs fine. To teach children is a long way, we mostly work with very young ones, which are 2-4 years old.


With the next news, i show you the way, like we want to help elderly people and how we have constructed the working platform for NAO.