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Mixed Up Everything - New Album!

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Project visual Mixed Up Everything - New Album!
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New Album - Donate to save rock!

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1 day

Hey guys, just saw some of your videos and really like them! Good luck with your album! If you have no plans for June 2020 check out the Kieler Woche festival week in the north of Germany, where a lot of young bands play and get discovered by a new audience. Sign up is not open, yet. Here's the link from last year https://www.backstagepro.de/kielerwoche There's also a rock radio station in the area called https://www.radiobob.de - they have their own festival stage, you should get in touch with them :) keep rocking!

3 days
Erin -Milroy

Can't wait for a new album, hopefully soon!

4 days

support from Washington DC

5 days
Didier -Van Baelen

Small contribution to the next BIG thing !

5 days

Happy to help, guys. Thanks for keeping rock n roll alive! Now come to the US Pacific NW and play for us!

7 days

Can't wait to hear the new stuff - and see you in Sydney hopefully!!

7 days

Go for it guys!! I hope some day we cross paths so I can see you all in person and hear you play live!!!!!!

7 days

Fingers crossed you hit your goal guys!

8 days

Love your music

8 days

Big support from France guys ! I love your videos and your way to play music ! Keep going ! As we say in France, "Allez les gars !"(by the way, you have to listen "Noir Désir" 😉)

8 days

Good luck guys! Steve

8 days

Could you please send a donation receipt? Thank you.