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Mixed Up Everything - New Album!

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Project visual Mixed Up Everything - New Album!
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Monday, October 07, 2019
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New Album - Donate to save rock!

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111 days

Congrats! I was sure your fans would come through for you! Looking forward to your new album. May fame and fortune come your way!

111 days

you guys desearve it!! years saving with haircuts!!! now let's rock.

111 days

Excellent. Even 10% more than expected. I hope your recording sessions will be successful.

111 days

The message has been deleted.

112 days

Congratulations guys, you made it... !

112 days

You will be huge I know that. Just a matter of time. Keep going xx hope to see you in Poland one day

117 days

Rock on bros...love ur covers.. gonna check out ur 1st album....best of luck and success - from ur fan in Singapore

118 days

Keep on rockin' guys, would love to see a full album, some cover songs, but also maybe your own songs? Greetings from Germany!

118 days
Aleksey Borodulin

Make it happen, fellas! Best of luck!

118 days

Hey guys I love your stuff can’t wait to hear more. I’m in high school and I’m the lead singer and guitarist of a band myself and we’re trying to record an album and make a name for ourselves so keep it up.

119 days

I bought your first album, now I'll help with next, rock on!

121 days

Rock it!!