MODESSEC aux Trophées de la Mode 2016

Support the student association at ESSEC that is all about fashion, luxury and beauty, in a very ambitious creative project!

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MODESSEC aux Trophées de la Mode 2016


Who are we?

Modessec is the student association at ESSEC Business School that is determined to infuse the school campus with fashion, luxury and beauty! Since it was founded in 2012, Modessec has been organizing high quality events throughout the year such as panel discussions gathering working professionals in the luxury or ready-to-wear industry; high-fashion shows taking place on the ESSEC campus; the Marché de la Mode (fashion market) which gives small brands the opportunity to come and sell their creations directly on campus…

As members of Modessec, we are aware of new trends and projects, and we are ready to take risks to show our creativity and encourage ESSEC students to do the same!

For the second consecutive year, ESSEC will be present at the Trophées de la Mode (Trophy for Fashion) in May 2016. But we need your help for this!



What are the Trophées de la Mode?

The Trophées de la Mode is the first artistic competition between French Business Schools. The competition is organized by Talents Aiguilles, the fashion association at NEOMA Rouen. Business School students CAN be creative too! For the past 6 years, schools have been competing by creating a collection of 7 outfits entirely tailored for the occasion by amateur students in Modessec.


In 2015, 7 Business Schools took part in the competition: NEOMA Rouen, NEOMA Reims, Audencia, EM Lyon, Grenoble EM, KEDGE Marseille, and ESSEC. The theme revolved around the artistic movements throughout history. Each of the 7 outfits had to represent different movements: tribal art, romanticism, rococo, impressionism, cubism, surrealism, and pop art. The collection also had to include a wedding gown, a menswear outfit and a hand-made accessory. We had a lot on our plate!


Participating for the very first time in the competition, the Modessec team worked hard and ended up winning the “Trendy 2015” prize!


After seeing our efforts and creativity recognized by a panel of industry experts, Modessec wants to take on the challenge a second time! But we need YOU, friends, parents, students, KissBankers, to succeed in this project!

Allocation of funds

Why do we need YOU?


Making elaborate outfits from scratch requires investments: we will need time and technique to achieve this goal, but more importantly, we will need money to do it!


To finance our participation in the 2016 Trophées de la Mode, we have chosen to use a crowdfunding campaign, which enables us to reach out to a larger audience than merely ESSEC students.


All in all, we need 800€ to cover our costs for this project: 700€ for the 7 outfits, and 100€ for the registration fee.


But don’t worry, dear KissBanker, we’ve got your back! If you make a donation for this project, not only are you making us so so happy, but you are also treating yourself! With each donation comes a counterpart thanks to our wonderful sponsors. You choose the gift you want to give, and you only give the amount (lower than the product’s original price!) required to get it! And if we don’t reach our 800€ goal, all KissBankers will get their money back… but won’t receive the gifts.


Supporting us is not commiting you to anything! In the worst case, nothing happens but hopefully, you will get a product at a reduced price! Please spread the word to make sure it can happen!




How will the collected money be used?


800€: Thank you so much! Thanks to your support, Modessec will be able to compete at LesTrophées de la Mode for the second time. The budget per outfit will be limited, but we are up for the challenge!


1000€: You are awesome! With around 130€ per outfit, we will be able to go further with our imagination and create more elaborate outfits, which means more chances to shine during the competition! Over 1000€ collected, we will give our biggest supporter two tickets to come to the actual show!


1200€ and over: We are incredibly grateful! With such a budget per outfit, we will be able to buy fabrics of much higher quality and imagine pieces that will blow the judges’ minds! Over 1200€ collected, our two biggest supporters will each get two tickets to come to the show.





1.  5€ to 7€ Our partner gives you some beautiful socks for men (Pantharella) or women (Bonne Maison). Uppersocks is the online platform specialized in high-end men socks made in Italy or England.







2. For 6€ A retro comb from the young brand Happy Monday Paris. Golden comb with white flowers or bronze comb with brown flowers. (original price 15€)





3. For 7€  More socks! Discover high-quality socks for women (Maria la Rosa) or men (Pantharella)





4. For 8€ Be rock'n'roll with this leopard-print bracelet with skull details, or stay romantic with this flimsy bracelet with fall colours. (Original prices 10€ and 15€ respectively)





5. For 10€  A delicate bracelet made of japanese pearls and an onyx star detail. You chose: blue, silver, or pink. (Original price 20€)





6. For 13€  These earrings from our partner Bananeira Rosa were inspired by Brasil. Golden brass earrings with pineapple pendant and pink or yellow pompoms! (Original price 15€)





7. For 15€  A whimsical bracelet with turquoise and golden pearls, made by hand by Manini. (Original price 30€)





8. For 17€ : A delicate bracelet from Happy Monday Paris. You chose: the Louison bracelet with a golden chain and blue pears, or the Lara one with a thin golden cuff and blue or black thread. (Original price 20€)





9. For 20€ An ethnic necklace with feathers and pears that pop! Bananeira Rosa lets you choose between yellow pearls+ blue feathers, and pink pears+purple feathers! (Original price 25€)





10. Pour 23€  Want a godfairy at your finger? Make it happen with this golden Manini ring with a red stone! (original price 30€)





11. For 25€  Headband "Ourcq" with golden chain and knotted rope, or brass headband with tacks. These two minimalistic headbands have been handmade by Happy Monday. (Original price 35€)





12. For 26€ Earrings with two light pink pearls by Manini. (Original price 30€)





13. Pour 28€  You Are Young gives you a beautiful triangular necklace, with blue or pink pearls. (Original price 32€)





14. For 30€  The up-and-coming brand Louvreuse offers you a 15x15cm pouch made of lambslin and tapestry-style fabric. Choose between the Splendide pouch with bronze leather, or the Etoile pouch with golden leather. (Original price 35€)





15. For 32€  Monsieur Loup, a young men's ready-to-wear brand, offers you a men's t-shirt in cotton. Two models and two colors are available and interchangable. (Original price 40€)





16. For 45€  Louvreuse gives you a unisex and urban sweatshirt, with a printed gold wolf. (Original price 59€)




Please feel free to ask us any question concerning our project or these rewards. Thank you!

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Estimated delivery: January 2016

===Happy Monday Paris=== Barrettes Louison - 6€ la pièce (prix d'origine 15€)- 1 pièce disponible de CHAQUE modèle: - Barrette fleurie blanche - Barrette fleurie noire
  • 2 backers
  • 0/2 available


Estimated delivery: January 2016

===Bananeira Rosa=== Boucles d'oreille en laiton doré avec pendentif ananas et pompons - 13€ la paire (prix d'origine 15€) - 1 paire de CHAQUE modèle: - Pompons jaunes - Pompons roses
  • 2 backers
  • 0/2 available


Estimated delivery: January 2016

===Manini=== Bracelet fantaisie turquoise et doré - 15€ (prix d'origine 30€) - 1 pièce disponible
  • 1 backer
  • 0/1 available


Estimated delivery: January 2016

===Happy Monday Paris=== Bracelet Lara - 17€ la pièce (prix d'origine 20€) - 1 pièce disponible de CHAQUE modèle: - Bracelet Lara noir - Bracelet Lara bleu
  • 2 backers
  • 0/2 available


Estimated delivery: January 2016

===Louvreuse=== Pochette "Splendide" en cuir d'agneau bronze et tissu esprit tapisserie - 15x15cm - 30€ (prix d'origine 35€)
  • 1 backer
  • 0/1 available


Estimated delivery: January 2016

===Louvreuse=== Sweat Unisexe Loup Noir Sérigraphié Or - Design by Boris Feldman - 45€ (prix d'origine 59€) Taille selon la demande
  • 1 backer
  • 0/1 available