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Promote and support citizen initiatives in Netfa, Tunisia!

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Nefta Al Baya

Nefta El Baya The 12th edition of ProcessMed is back! Our predecessors of the "Covid period" have not given up on their project and neither have we! Our team is getting ready to leave for the oasis of Nefta, in Tunisia, with a lot of motivation and excitement! Departure planned for January 2022! Now, We will let you discover our project :) The Nefta Al Baya Project Nefta Al Baya is a bilateral Franco-Tunisian cooperation project conducted within the framework of the processméditerranée program in partnership with SHANTI, a Tunisian association, and Arcencielfrance. Our ambition is to gather French and Tunisian young people around common values such as international solidarity, social and solidarity economy and the valorization of local heritage. Our aim is to go to Nefta, a city-oasis in the south-west of Tunisia in order to concretize our project, which is articulated around 3 axes: Discovering Nefta Nefta is a city-oasis which is located at the gates of the Sahara, in the Governorate of Tozeur. Its palm grove is famous for its dates, the famous deglet nour. Nefta is also known for its crafts and its singular heritage. The traditional oasis allows for the development of a three-tiered ecosystem: the cultivation of date palms provides shade for fruit trees, which in turn allows for the development of a market garden. This system provides sustainable food for the local population, optimizes water management and preserves the soil. Our team We are a team of 11 young people, aged 22 to 35, very dynamic and motivated, with varied and rich backgrounds, gathered at Sciences Po Lyon in the framework of the master 2: Development, Project Engineering and International Cooperation (DIPCI) speciality Arab World. Our project is supervised by the association Arcencielfrance and is part of the processméditerranée program, which focuses on cooperation and social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship between France, Tunisia and Lebanon. We work jointly with Tunisian students who are themselves in connection with our historical partner in Tunisia, SHANTI. Our project is driven by our common values and our desire to provide a concrete and operational service to local entrepreneurs in order to meet the needs they have themselves identified. In order to be more organized and efficient, our team is divided into different poles: The Call for Projects team: composed of Majda, Jean-Gabrielle, Loïs and Amina. This team is dedicated to fundraising and works relentlessly to achieve this goal. The Event team: composed of Abir, Alex and Léa. This trio is motivated and determined to organize events allowing the team to share rich moments with our contributors, in a good mood! Logistics team: Marie and Alex, who form a very rigorous and relevant duo, will take care of all the logistics of our stay in Tunisia! The Communication team: Karima and Marie. This creative duo is very present and active on social networks in order to make our project known to the general public! The Budget team: Charlotte, Léa and Loïs form this team. They are the accountants of the group. Indeed, they keep a close eye on the project's budget :) The Sponsorship team: Alex and Charlotte take care of the difficult task of sponsorship! Their determination to make the project a success leads them to carry out this mission without hesitation. The Crowdfunding team: here we are! Abir, Marie, Majda and Taha have the task of collecting the funding for our project online but also of presenting the project and its progress to you! The Documentary team: this team, which includes Taha, Majda and Amina, will have the task of collecting images and interviews during our stay in Tunisia in order to deliver an exciting documentary on our project! Our budget We have different financing methods, which are calls for projects, a crowdfunding campaign, sponsorship, the organization of events and your donations! As a reminder: you will benefit from a tax reduction of 60% or 66% of the amount of your donation. For example, a donation of 100€ to is equivalent to spending 34€ :) The budget of our project amounts to 25 000 euros and is distributed as follows : We THANK YOU very much for your interest in our project 🥰

Allocation of funds

La collecte servira à financer un projet de coopération décentralisée entre la Tunisie et la France. Le projet va se porter sur Nefta, une oasis au sud de la Tunisie. Le projet est axé sur la valorisation du territoire local grâce à la mise en place d'une dynamique de tourisme durable, le renforcement de l'agriculture oasienne grâce à une parcelle de démonstration et la valorisation de l'artisanat local par le développement de l'activité de production du tissage.




  • 36 contributions
Represents 5,10€ after tax deduction. A big THANK YOU! will be attributed to you and you will appear among the credits in our documentary :)

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Spices pack


  • 33 contributions
Represents 10.20€ after tax deduction. You will receive a pack of spices that comes directly from Tunisia to make very good Tunisian couscous and treat your guests! Yummyyy

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Pastries pack


  • 7 contributions
Represents 17€ after tax deduction. Receive a pack of succulent Tunisian pastries: makrouth! Semolina, date paste and honey ... But what a delight!

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Tunisian pack


  • 17 contributions
Represents 27,20€ after tax deduction. This pack will contain your happiness: a Tunisian fouta, a packet of makrouth and... a bottle of olive oil produced in Tunisia!

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Handicraft pack


  • 2 contributions
Represents 85€ after tax deduction. Receive the famous traditional Tunisian carpet (kilim) handmade by the craftswomen of Nefta. It will make your interior decoration unique and original!

Estimated delivery: March 2022

Tunisian pack XL


Represents 136€ after tax deduction. In this pack, you will live the "Tunisia" experience in its great splendor: a large traditional carpet handmade by the craftswomen of Nefta, a bottle of olive oil, a packet of makrouth with the famous gazelle horns.

Estimated delivery: March 2022

Flying Carpet


Receive a flying carpet that will take you wherever you want, whenever you want (Tunisia will be your first destination!). Enough to make your friends jealous...

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