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Noös aims to facilitate and inspire a happier life for all by becoming the first social network dedicated to well-being.

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Noös Foundation

1% of the population at the service of well-being

In 2050 we will be 10 billion on the planet. For everyone to find inner peace and live happily, we have estimated that 1% of the population will be needed to support this transition. 100 million agents of change, including educators, caregivers, health and wellness professionals, business leaders and government officials.
With our project, we want to bring together all these actors of change, provide them with tools and resources to facilitate their mission and optimize their positive impact.

Allocation of funds

Our needs

In order to be able to continue our project, we need to cover some costs for the next few months. We would like to be able to keep our intern Fauve with us this summer (15%), finish the development of the video-consultation (30%), cover our current expenses (30%) and finance a marketing campaign to promote the platform to the public (25%).

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