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ODIESS «not just a lingerie»


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More than a lingerie, it’s a state of mind


ODIESS is about standing out, daring to be what we want to be, it’s about fully assuming ourselves as women. It is not about following trends but about making your own choices and wearing something that reflects who we are, without simply behaving like everyone else.


Lingerie unlike others, for women unlike others.


When every lingerie brands explains how to please the gentlemen, I want to say that to please, we need to please ourselves first !

We’re all different, we have different skin colors, different looks, different regards to our own body and our own vision of feminity. But we have all got one common thread : we know what is is to be a woman!

Being a woman it’s beautiful, it’s hard, it’s... complicated!

We all want to feel beautiful and good about ourselves.


That is why I decided to create models to our image.

Structured and ultra feminine shapes, combining style, fit and technicality designed to enhance women’s body as diverse as it can be. 





Discover my first video "NAMELESS".

A brand new approach that demonstrates how a woman can be beautiful and sensual without being an object, as for her power of attraction leads to the attitude that she reflects.


vidéo credits : Diane Fardoun, Hugo Bembi, Julien Villa, Clémence Plaquet ,Cécile Roy, Anais Durand munyankindi, Meaghan Matthews, Skydolliz, Mageek Queen, Eliane Nlandu and so much more..




 Aurore, of the name « ODIESS » is a young 31 years old fashion designer .

Coming from Women’s ready-to-wear fashion she has worked as a stylist, pattern maker and graphic designer during seven years in various parisian trend offices.

Following her increasing passion for lingerie ,Odiess chose to exploit a whole different dimension of lingerie.Through her shapes, materials ans « spatio intemporal » style, she breaks the conventional codes of lingerie far from clichés and stereotypes.






ODIESS it’s lingerie, beachwear and spostwear 100% MADE IN FRANCE !     


- High quality raw material finely selected among renowned suppliers.


- A 100 % MADE IN FRANCE conception !


- A production that will be released in a french high-end garment factory that has developed unique expertise and that still employs former Lejaby’s textile workers.


- A medium/high end positioning creative and technical products


- Collections in limited series composed of brand new kinds of bodysuits, tangas, bra, corsage, bandeau, crop top, shorts or “built-in garters panties” , available in three ranges  : 



Carnal and intimist quality range combining ultra feminine shapes and optimal comfort for a bewitching visual.



            Odiess © 2017 All Rights Reserved - photographe : Kevin Cohen



Sportive range designed with sportswear materials combining fit, style and technicity.



               Odiess © 2017 All Rights Reserved - photographe : Samuel Lehuede



Range at the fusion of INTIMATE and ODISPORT : sexy and ultra feminine shapes mixed with sportswear and ready-to-wear materials. 



             Odiess © 2017 All Rights Reserved - photographe : Samuel Lehuede


The brand offers large user choices, one product is not limited by one unique use.


Under their associations, some bodysuits, corsages or bras would be employed as single ready-to-wear articles and have several uses .


The setting of the different straps are specially designed to perfectly fit the body and its different shapes. 


Flexible products offering several tie possibilities, graphical and timeless lines made to suggest whether to disclose everything. 


“ Giving a glimpse of thin skin areas, playing over contrasts and opacities, sublimating women’s body to express its sensuality with strength and temper”




Allocation of funds

      “ ODIESS is a project that I entirely self-sustained so far . 


I have designed all of my collections from the beginning : sketches, patterns and set up of all my prototypes. But I had to outsource some more technical aspects as to elaborate the production in a dedicated french design office. Adjustments, gradings (sizes evolutions) measure scale, setting of a certified prototype for all products. Not forgetting the website, the videos and other fees needed to launch the brand. All of this represents a real cost, that is why I call on you today in the hopes of a little help!


Today the costs to produce my collections are :


-  Production in a french garment factory :

   7600 euros


- Raw materials : 

   3400 euros


If I get more than 11 000 euros , I will fund :


- My participation in the international lingerie exhibition :

  3000 euros


- Develop my new collection 

  5000 euros


- Develop “non-standard” ranges : Special collection for extra small and curvy women !


The fundraising will help us defray the costs related to the brand development, without this help, it will be more and more difficult for me to self sustain any longer.


That is why I need your HELP !


Support young independant designers and the MADE IN FRANCE by funding the lingerie that suits you !Ghghh-1487543943

                         Odiess © 2017 All Rights Reserved - photographe : Kevin Cohen



* The funds raised on this platform will be donated to the ODIESS company (represented by the designer Aurore COTIN), exclusive for the project.


* Delivery outside the French territory will not be a price charged, contact by message via the facebook page


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