OFF the wall éditions

OFF the wall: a magazine to reveal emerging photographs and unknown images. PRE ORDER, SAVE & CREATE !

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OFF the wall éditions


OFF  the wall, a magazine about photography to be published.

And also with, a web site to keep the image near the heart and on the walls.



OFF the wall, the quarterly


The  magazine OFF the wall  will be dedicated to photographs and images emerging unknown. It offers both a first and a second chance opportunity to present powerful images, unusual or forgotten.

They met on the site


* The magazine, 210 pages, 23X30, French and English. 1000 numbered copies, 27 euros

Quarterly: April, July, October, January. Around the world, discovered talents, galleries, fashion photography, sports, music, movies, photo journalism. Pages tests, shopping pages photo.


For lovers of images, from 21 to 109 years.



and olso

Photo "blazon", and large formats.

The site sells prints on baryta paper numbered and signed, and also offers screen printing photographs on t-shirts.

Allocation of funds


 B E O F F T H E W A L L & Bet on another photography !



Your participation will support the first number off the wall to be released in April as well as the first book in the series which is due out in July for the festival in Arles.



OFF the wall éditions


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