The Farm Camp & Survival Center of the OTOPOS Community in Ikaria

Book your stay out our Camp Farm & Survival Center to learn to survive in the abundance of Ikaria while cultivating the land & nurturing it.

Project visual The Farm Camp & Survival Center of the OTOPOS Community in Ikaria
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The Farm Camp & Survival Center of the OTOPOS Community in Ikaria

There is a place on this planet where people live older than whales. It's called Ikaria (the island next to where Icarus fell when trying to escape Crete with his father). This Greek island is the strongest Blue Zone on earth. The reason for this longevity is bit of a mystery, but the answer lies somewhere mixed into the lifestyle, community, diet and radioactivity of the place!

Otopos is a collection of locations on the island that specialize in a new way of living that is in the works - there will eventually be a location for wellness, one for recycling, one for reforestation, and one for larger scale farming. This location, the Farm Camp, specializes in survival.

At the 10,000 m2 Farm Camp & Survival Center in Agios Polykarpos, you can camp in teepees and learn to farm from the land for ecological and personal survival reasons. We want to help people be prepared for unexpected situations.
With us, you will stay with farm animals, eat food freshly picked the same day that you helped grow and become part our project while gaining knowledge on minimalist constructions (teepee, greenhouses, eco showers, dry toilet, stone constructions…)
The surrounding area has endless nature and rich culture. One of the only places you can surf in the Greece during the summer is just walk a 5km away through pristine landscapes full of trees and rivers. Around us, each village has festivals «paniyiris» that are renowned for their size and energy.

Pre-book your stay (May-October) to help us continue our Farm Camp project. We offer an experience that will make you live, laugh, become stronger while learning to survive and learn the secrets of immortality.

Here are some of the things you will have a chance to learn to construct:

A greenhouse to ensure more food year-round and begin to grow food that requires more heat on cold nights. We are considering a geo-dome design.

A training space were people can meditate, train and workout in peace and in the shade. The floor will eventually made of tiles from recycled plastic using Precious Plastic machines.

Teepees made with high quality water-proof canvas to make solid habitats that last years. The teepees will be made with our late spring or early summer campers so book early if you want to learn how to make yours!

We need to finish our amphitheater that we started last year using traditional clay and stone building methods. The space will be used for holding meetings, briefing volunteers and enjoying musical performances from campers and guests.

Allocation of funds

We have a list of priorities of what we need to spend our funds on before the Spring/Summer months our upon us. Based on our pre-bookings, that we have exclusively offered here for the moment, we will be able to invest in each need in the order below. You will be contacted once the campaign is over to reserve the specific dates of your stay around the end of March.

*Our goal is set at 1000 euros but all of our needs add up to over 6,500 euros. We will be able to still offer a good experience for our visitors if we collect 1000euros, but the more funding we collect early, the better prepared we will be to offer a quality experience + service this summer. So keep booking and donating even if we have reached our minimum goal please.

We have a good price on the land but there is rent, so foremost we would like ensure that our rent is covered for next several the months to come.
The key to survival is food. With this money we will buy high quality organic seeds to grow food to feed you and our volunteers. We also need to buy small trees to create better shade, avoid erosion and create an even better habitat for the birds and other animals that live on the land. Working the land will be a daily task that you are welcome to participate in but not required to.

We want to also become a tree nursery and help reforest the parts of the island ravaged by the wild goat population as part of
We have teepees and other habitats like a cob house already built on the land, but we want to expand to be able to house a greater number of guest this season (no more than 20 guests at a time) on the land. A key part to create quality, aesthetic and long lasting teepees (since we aren't going to skin any buffalos) is quality canvas. To build the 6 more large teepees the cost will rise quickly.
We have tools and materials for the kitchen and garden, but a lot of it is out of date or simply needs to be replaced. Better tools will be for everyone to use to tend the land and prepare juice and food for our staff and guests.
We had a van, but it broke down at the bottom of a hill collecting wood a few weeks ago. Once the necessities listed above are covered, we can considered finally replacing it for a new one which will be used for collecting wood, doing guest pick-ups from the port and organizing day trips to the beach and various other locations on the island.


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