Ouverture d'une Pension pour Chats avec box solidaire.


Project visual Ouverture d'une Pension pour Chats avec box solidaire.
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Ouverture d'une Pension pour Chats avec box solidaire.

Hello, My name is Kelly. I am Australian married to a French man living in Mesnil-Follemprise in the Pays de Bray. I have always been passionate about animals and sensitive to their well-being, I also live surrounded by 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 pigs, chickens, a rabbit and even goats. All this little world coexists in perfect harmony. I decided to do something of my passion, so I passed the ACACED, a training course to obtain my Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species in order to be able to open a Cattery at my home. I wanted to open this pension because I want to offer our féline friends a warm and secure place in an idyllic setting in the Normandy countryside, so that people can go on Holidays with peace of mind. A place where they will receive a lot of love, attention and caresses. * Inspirations for cat boarding: More than a simple cattery, I want to set up one or more solidarity boxes at a low price so that people with very modest incomes can also go on vacation serenely. I find it unfortunate that people with low incomes (who often need the company of an animal to overcome loneliness) must often sacrifice their holidays with their children. *Locality living with one salary, the establishment of the cattery has been delayed because we lack funds, I fear not being able to open this year. Friends suggested that I use a crowdfounding platform, KissKissBankBank seems to meet my expectations the most. Hope you like my project. Yours, Kelly Bambridge-Hulard

Allocation of funds

Make the room conform to sanitary regulations. i.e. floor, insulation, air conditioning, heating. Construction of boxes. Construction of an exterior catio. Equipment (bedding, litter boxes, bowls, etc.) Publicity. the KissKissBankBank commission if the campaign is successful (8%).


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