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Panallama is the story of a voyage - mine - between Ecuador and France. It is the story of a marriage of cultures, as well as a desire to transmit my heritageand express my identity through an iconic symbol handcrafted in the place of my birth, Cuenca, Ecuador.

My aim is to take the timeless and elegant panama hat and give it new breath by integrating modern styles and fresh colors. At the same time, help preserve and promote this ancient tradition by engaging with and giving back to the local artisans.

To get this project off the ground, and given that the hats are handcrafted 12,000 km from here, I need to raise funds to cover the development, production and shipping costs.

This is where you come in !

My goal is to sell the first batch of the collection, around 30 hats, and invest those funds into building the brand in France and developing a sustainable business model that supports artisanal communities in Ecuador.

This way, the artisans can continue to practice their ancient craft, and you can look dashing wearing a beautiful hand-made, ethically produced panama hat!

Thanks in advance for participating in the creation of this project that is so close to my heart, I am incredibly thankful !

The art of creating an authentic Panama hat requires many years of experience and finely-honed skills. However, due to the commercialization of cheap products and imitations, this art form with roots going back hundreds of years, is currently on the brink of extinction.

I believe that in supporting local communities and protecting the environment, we’re ensuring an enduring livelihood for the artisans and creating continued love and respect for their beautiful trade.

Using only eco-friendly and sustainable materials and practices is integral to the brand. The elaboration process of each Panallama hat produces zero waste since all the remaining materials are recycled or reused.

To make a fine product, one needs fine materials. All Panallama hats are handwoven from the very strong fibre of a short palm tree that grows on the coast of Ecuador. The straw from the palm is known as Toquilla. Its surprising resistance and delicate touch results in a flexible, high quality product that keeps you looking cool and feeling refreshed.

The collection seeks to integrate Ecuadorian craftsmanship and with a touch of french flair. By adding a splash of color and hipness to the classic elegance of the panama, a Panallama hat can adapt to all outfits, evoking a spectrum of style from sophisticated to edgy, classic to chic.

The handmade process of the hats provides for natural variation that makes each hat unique, and I want the people who wear my hats to express their uniqueness, to tell their story.



Take advantage of this special sale !

Get your Panallama ready for the summer!

We have a limited number of hats in stock now at the unheard of price of 60 euros!  You can come pick one up at the KissKissBankBank house in Paris or receive them once we hit our sales target, which should be by the end of June.

Want to try one on before making the purchase ? Come check out the hats in the Maison de Crowdfunding at 34, rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, France).

Want a custom made hat? You can choose the color, size, and band design and well have one of our artisans make on specifically for you!

And if you really want to get personal, we can even write your name or the name of a loved one on the inside band of your hat!

The "custom" models will be delivered upon receipt of the first production, (end of July).

We will obviously do our best to deliver them to you before. Everything will depend on the number of hats that have been pre-ordered.

Don't know your hat size, we have a guide made just for that on our website !

Not ready to get your Panallama hat yet?  We have other beautiful objects made of fine "toquilla" straw just for the KissKissBankBank campaign! 

By pre-ordering a "Panallama" hat at exceptional introductory prices …

  • You benefit from a product that is unique, authentic, and of the highest quality.
  • You participate in the valorization of an artisanal tradition, transmitted from generation to generation.
  • You consume ethically, preferring a handmade product that creates income-generating opportunities that improve the lives of the artisans in the rural communities of Ecuador.

Please follow Panallama on Facebook and Instagram to see the updates of how the project is progressing and see the newest models. Thank you in advance for your orders and donations. Your participation is precious. This project will only see the light of day if I can achieve the goal (and exceed it). I'm counting on you for your support, please also share the news with friends that you think would appreciate a finely crafted hat !

Muchas gracias! 

My name is Daniel, age 36 , born in Cuenca (Ecuador). Life however later took me on a journey through Miami, Buenos Aires, and Mexico, before love finally brought me to Paris!

The idea for Panallama was born out of a need I ] had for a long time to give more meaning to my professional life and to reconnect with my origins.

Panallama for me is a way of expressing who I have become, sharing my culture with my new home, and of giving back to my original one.

And I think a crowdfunding campaign is the perfect way to try to get this project off the ground because it also depends on community, cooperation, and love! 

Allocation of funds

This crowdfunding campaign will finance the first Panallama collection and help launch the brand.

If the first ceiling of 2000 € is reached, I will be able to:

  • Finance the production of the first batch of hats and pay the artisans and creators who are part of the project.
  • Cover import costs, customs and VAT.
  • Develop a marketing plan and create a communication campaign to promote our products (photo shoot, website, flyers)
  • Pay the rental of the venue of the launch event.
  • Pay the 8% KissKissBankBank platform commission.


If we reach 3000 €, our second ceiling, we can

  • Produce and sell our custom made hats, 5% of this extra will be donated to Une Option de Plus. Association with whom I will collaborate to create training projects for artisans in Ecuador through an exchange of know-how with volunteers in France.
  • Create a cool packaging for the delivery of our hats.
  • Pay the models, photographer and videographer for the communication campaign.
  • Develop partnerships a selection of concept stores in France, especially in Paris.
  • Develop our online store

And if we further exceed these objectives, we can:

  • Expand our collection (I already have many other designs in mind!)
  • Organize a "Hat Party" in Paris, for the family and friends who participated in the project.
  • Plan a trip to Ecuador to further develop the partnerships with the  artisans that make the hats.


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