PRESALE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT 5€ of the CD The banks of Goslyn Green - The Teach

Hit the road to Goslyn Green aboard this superb van, and play The Teach music on the car radio.

Project visual PRESALE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT 5€ of the CD The banks of Goslyn Green - The Teach
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PRESALE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT 5€ of the CD The banks of Goslyn Green - The Teach

The banks of Goslyn Green - a lost memory

Goslyn Green is a musical world, a haven that we'd have loved to go to, that might have existed, actually, once, somewhere. A stream, the wind blowing in the leaves of the trees, the welcoming grass perfect for a pic-nic lunch... You'll find all these elements in the mix of this 5-song-CD self-produced by The Teach, which takes its inspiration from the Folk-Rock bands such as The Kinks, les Beatles or Neil Young. 

photograph Stéphane Dubromel

The Teach, music band from Saint-Lô, Normandy

As in every High School, a gang of friends once created a music band in Saint-Lô, Normandy. This could be a very banal story, except that the members were teachers for the most part and they decided to call themselves The Teach. The bonds rapidly set in between Mehdi and Yann, their voices easily getting intertwined on Folk-Rock layers which reminds a bit of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young or The Beatles. The rhythm section is composed with Laurent (drums) and Erwan (bass guitar), who both joined the band in 2019 and 2020, and added to the balance and coherence.

The Teach music, it’s as if a new continent was born : the Mersey from England has merged with the Bayou from the US.

photograph Nina Couppey. From left to right : Erwan (bass guitar), Laurent (drums), Mehdi (lead vocals, guitars), Yann (backing vocals, saxophone, flute).

Faits notables 

Déc. 2020 Christmas clip YouTube - de J. Lennon cover Happy Xmas (War is Over)
Sept. 2020 Gig at Virées du Terroir, Saint-Lô, Normandy
Août 2020 Festival Zique au Parvis, Bayeux, Normandy
Juil. 2020 Festival Jazz en Baie, scène Sonar amateurs, Normandy
Juin 2020 2 clips on YouTube - Fête de la Musique Saint-Lô, Normandy
Mars 2020 Preselection for the contest Le Vertuose (Covid-19 canncelled, pending rescheduling)
Juin 2019 Fête de la Musique - scène Voxtour’s Décibel, Saint-Lô, Normandy
Déc. 2018 Clip "Superstar" (2.3 K views)
Nov. 2018 Festival Les Rendez-Vous Soniques, "rookie" scene, Saint-Lô, Normandy

photograph Pierre-Yves Le Meur

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