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Rêve To Reality - Clips video

"Rêve To Reality" (eng: Dream to Reality) is a new type of conceptual label that seek to spread creation, imagination in music and show. We want to bring you pure magnificence, excellence, sublimity and transmit a new vision of reality.


The project is simply for an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 graphics card ( see picture above ).
We are creators of musical content, creators of acrobatic shows and team of 3 people in evolution. 
Here is the team of "Rêvetoreality" composed of teachers, singers, composers in piano, drums, percussion, M.A.O (computer-assisted music) with great experience :

"RêveToReality" evolves. Our last show contributed 17 people (musicians, sound and light technicians, dancers, acrobat-gymnast, actors). 
Our equipment must therefore be improved and respond more to our new situation that may affect, interest the professional world.
That is why, currently, we need a new graphics card for quality improvement, content, images and media. We are in the process of making ourselves known. It is therefore necessary for us to have the best possible rendering in the quality of video editing.

Today, we only have one Nvidia Geforce GT 430 graphics card:
This card does not allow to optimize the software Adobe "Première Pro", "After Effect", "Photoshop", so it causes a lot of computer bugs that often crash the software (especially Première Pro for video editing). 

So we need a new graphics card as shown above, that is the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660.

Example of our current creations : 

- Rêvetoreality Show trailer CONNEXION - Cercle Pasteur|Montargis :

 - Dream After Dream : Moon River Cover : 

 - Noël Laborde - The Moon And The Sun : 

Allocation of funds

Our goal is only to create more videos, musical content in order to propagate a new era of composers and innovators through creative, dynamic, explicit, imaginative and qualitative content. For this we use different Adobe software such as :

  1. After Effect that allows us to create 2D/3D graphic effects (star effects, galaxies, universe, audio spectrum, special effects, etc. )
    | example of possible videos with After Effect:
  2. Premiere Pro which concerns the editing of videos, music synchronizations, music to image, trailers.
    | example of videos with Première Pro:
  3. Photoshop for creations and graphic design.
    | graphic image example with Photoshop:

The store that manages the PC assembly will be in charge of purchasing the graphics card and doing the necessary assembly and configuration. This one requires 300 euros with the graphics card all charges included.

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