Roll a photobook by Théo Gosselin

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Roll a photobook by Théo Gosselin

The book
After Joe's Road published in 2005, Roll the new book by photographer Théo Gosselin is in a pre-purchase campaign with exclusive offers.

Deliberately cinematic, Théo Gosselin's photography reveals friends escaping from their usual lives into seductive and perilous modes of existence, always in search of the persistent but elusive idea of freedom.

Born near Le Havre in Normandy in 1990, Théo Gosselin grew up with the sea, the wind, the forest and the sound of electric guitars, which echoed through the deserted streets of this grey town in northern France. Passionate about drawing, music and cinema, he chose a path through art school, graduating in 2012 as a graphic designer in Amiens. He started photography around 2007, and it has become his reason for living. He loves to capture simple life, love, good and bad times, friends and adventures. An eternal traveller, he travels around Europe and the United States and shares his lifestyle with the people he loves; for the truth is found in the great outdoors and in the hearts of the people he meets on his way.

The project
10 years of travel, 10 years of photography. Fisheye presents Théo Gosselin's new book, Roll, with a retrospective look at a decade of photography.

Roll gathers a hundred images, iconic or unknown, from the beginning of the photographer's career to the present day. It reveals the mature eye of a photographer from a generation eager for escape, travel, music and moments shared with friends or acquaintances made on the road, just passing by.

With the United States as a backdrop, the photographer invites us to dream of a permanent road-trip by car in landscapes where the soundtrack imposes itself.

Counterparts and the role of contributors
Available in stores in the summer of 2021, the pre-purchase campaign allows you to purchase exclusively and only for the duration of the campaign, the Roll book with prints and vinyls to prolong the visual experience of the photographer.

Counterparts include, the first 100 books signed and numbered by the artist.
The vinyl of the photographer's folk band Gazoline Band (on sale alone at XX€), edited to only XX copies, as well as art prints by the artist, signed and numbered by the artist, delivered with the certificate of authenticity of the Fisheye Galery.

Allocation of funds

The pre-purchase campaign allows you to acquire the new Roll book published by Fisheye with exclusive counterparts.


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The Roll photo book by Théo Gosselin & Vinyle The Orange Album


Estimated delivery: July 2021

Préacheter le livre photo Roll à prix préférentiel. + The Orange Album, le vynile de Gasoline le groupe de rock de l'artiste (sortie publique en septembre) + Votre nom dans les remerciements du livre.
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The Roll photo book by Théo Gosselin (signed and numbered)


Estimated delivery: July 2021

Pre-purchase the book Roll in a limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist (55€ instead of 65€). + Your name in the acknowledgements in the book.
  • 100 backers
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