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A Big Goal, Simple Objective : Sadaka Art is a new cultural, educational and social initiative which aims to support a community of isolated and out-of-school children in Mayotte. A new kind of committed artists residency, free and unconditional for young creatives with committed profiles, in a more human, supportive, creative and benevolent way. Sadaka's mission is to bring together creators and talents from all over the world during an artist residency. Who, by engaging in a multidisciplinary, educational, social and intercultural creative process with the artisans of the island and the children, which will give them a way to express themselves through various forms of art, to learn from other cultures and to feed their art interpretation of the notion of identity. “We believe creativity is just as important in education as literature. The arts, along with the sciences, humanities, physical education, languages ​​and mathematics, all contribute equally to a child's education. ” Ken Robinson This is why we need your help today! How we got our start ! Sadaka is an association law 1901 created in 2020. Sadaka means charity in Swahili, Arabic, and Hebrew. The word translates to relinquishing your true being to another. Our focus is Mayotte. Mayotte is an Island located in the Indian Ocean. It is the last remaining French department and home to 281,230 inhabitants. According to INSEE stats are alarming : unemployment has risen to 30% in 2019 27% of young people aged 15 have a qualifying diploma after they left school, compared to 72% in Metropolitan France 1/7 children are orphaned and homeless. That is at least 5,000 kids; which is considered the largest open sky orphanage in France. The pandemic has made these figures even more alarming. Our founder Julia Daka architect and designer who is from Mayotte island, built her life around a spark of creativity revealed by meeting an artist who took the time to recognize a talent. Now, aware of the power that an outstretched hand can provide at the right time, she is setting up the "Sadaka" NGO to help the Mahorese youth. And because every great project begins with a common dream, here is our team of enthusiasts who work every day so that Sadaka flourishes around the world! Our Project in Detail : We want to celebrate and showcase the best of committed artists, photographs, illustrations, paintings, and more from around the world, and dive into the creative process in service of an impactful cause for isolated children's education. At sadaka, Art, culture and education are at the center of what we do. The residency will mainly explore themes around nature, technology, craftsmanship in 8 different artistic disciplines : Architecture, Performing arts, Visual arts, Sound arts and music, Design (graphic design, product design, fashion design), Critical writing, Photography, Film and video production « SADAKA is all about making creativity and art acessible for every kids. We’re interested in the ways that creative minds work , to creat an impact, and help shape the world around us. » We’re Already Doing The Work : 6 through the 12 July, we showcased a local comedy event to raise funds and awareness for Sadaka! Jason Brokerss, Charly Nyobe, John Sulo, and local artist Reed Blowz headlined, and joined us for a writing and coaching workshop for Mahorese kids. Thanks to this event, we raised nearly 3 800 € and started to make actionable plans for our educational and creative center. We have only just begun and with your help, we can keep going! Roadmap :

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