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Sarmen visual Artiste

Let me introduce myself, I am Sandrine Thevenet, my visual artist's name is Sarmen Guerre, I work on different materials, drawing, painting, earth sculpture and most recently stone sculpture.

Since 2 years, I took up my work of artist again, which became my main activity.


My career is organized around the visual arts and philosophical practice, mixing the practice of art and the philosophical questioning on art.


My works are visible on Facebook and on Instagram, where I regularly post photographs.


In addition, I am setting up workshops of Arts and Philo which articulate the various approaches, visual arts, art-therapy and practical philosophy for all publics.


In August 2018, I made my first exhibition, in Saint-Jean-d'Angely.

Then, I was invited to exhibit with other artists, in different places of Charente-Maritime.

Since then, the city hall of Saint-Jean-d’Angely supports my activity by the loan of a studio in the Abbey where I can both paint, sculpt and propose workshops of Arts and Philo.


I organize an exhibition named "Huis Clos", which will take place from  23  to 30 April 2019 in the benedictine Chapel in Saint Jean d'Angély (France, 17) , where I will work with 5 artists in front of public for a week.


Your financial help will give me the opportunity to devote myself to creating and continue to expose, limiting material constraints.

I estimated the amount of my material needs at 1000 Euros.


Your help will be precious to me!

Allocation of funds


Paint brushes

Supports, canvases, and papers.



Besides, this sum will also be useful for the reservation of exhibition halls and for baking the earth sculptures.


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