Support 3 scientific sailors on a voyage around the Atlantic, sailing to remote rural communities: a journey for sustainability!

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SEAD in a few words:

30 months sailing around the Atlantic: an expedition that sets course for rural communities with sustainable initiatives to collect testimonials and good practices. Three sailors, three worlds that merge: marine biology, agronomy, mycology. Two objectives: to raise awareness through popularization, music, podcasts and to develop sustainability through workshops, research and census.


Who we are and how SEAD was created:

SEAD is built around what we believe to be the greatest driver of inspiration and change: passion.
Each member of our crew cultivates strong passions, two of them unite them: sailing and life.

-Marie-Kell studies it from the angle of marine biology, she expresses its inspiration through her violin and bioacoustics, a field that links both her worlds.

-Céline, along her studies in life science engineering, became passionate about one of its kingdoms: that of fungi. Her mission is to highlight their importance in ecosystems.

-Matthieu, during his masters in environmental sciences, let run his curiosity for life towards the fields of sustainable soil management and agriculture.

By studying life, a strong observation emerges: our society has grown disconnected from its own nature. This disconnection leaves place to destructive behaviors to such extents that we are now threatened by our very way of living.

Confronted to this observation, we felt called to put our skills, our passions and our knowledge at the service of our society. This project is what came out of the process: SEAD - Sustainability & Environmental Awareness Development.

Our project in the detail:

SEAD evolves around a 30-month sailing expedition, its departure is scheduled for October 2021. First in West Africa then in South America before completing the journey through the West Indies and Canada, we set course on remote rural communities. We will be able to orientate our journey on sustainable communities thanks to a database from the UNDP.

All around the Atlantic, we will deploy our project in order to fulfill two objectives.
On the one hand, we want to use this beautiful Odyssey as an opportunity to raise environmental awareness . We act as direct witnesses of the situation and want to transmit it to the general public by relating our observations, by popularizing our knowledge, by sparking interest thanks to the strength of our passion, by our commitment and by living the change we want to see. We will work to meet this objective by publishing podcasts, by spreading local testimonies, by creating music along the way with Marie-Kell's violin and the multitude of cultures encountered, by sharing with you a travel portfolio putting together the descriptions of each visited location with a special focus on sustainability, resilience and impacts of climate change.

On the other hand, we want to concretely participate in the development of sustainability. We will meet this objective in several ways:
- By building an inventory of sustainable practices, low-techs in the fields of agriculture and the traditional use of mushrooms. It is with this in mind that we joined the Low-Tech Lab's Low-Tech Explorer program! We will feed both our own online database and theirs. The idea is to present concrete solutions to the very concrete problem of climate change.
- By conducting scientific research: by collecting data for the Ketos program of Astrolabe Expedition. It is a research program on marine sound pollution, a logical continuity in Marie-Kell's research experience.
- By organizing workshops in encountered communities to fuel discussions aimed at developing sustainability and resilience in agriculture in the context of climate change.

It is important for us to make sure the impacts of this expedition can perpetuate in time. Bearing this in mind we are planning the publication of our travel portfolio in the format of a book. We have already joined forces with the Merode-Rixensart foundation in order to organize conferences on our return; our sailing club ULYC as well as our friends from the Rotary will also help us achieve this.
In our approach, we want to invite people to join us onboard for varying lengths of time: in this rotation we will welcome our friend Watts, he's a videographer and will help us make a documentary of our experience.

A hell of an adventure to come! We already have the boat, the crew, mission, vision and strength! What we miss is funding... Are you willing to help?

Why participate:

Participating in our crowdfunding represents a most beautiful gift for us: a token of your belief in our project, in ourselves! We do not want to stay three onboard: our desire is to bring together a community that wants to take this trip with us, support us, follow us, share their ideas, their support. Join the family! What we have to offer?
Waves, winds, adventure, far horizons, smiles and authenticity!

Allocation of funds

A few numbers:

Collected funds will be used to cover the ongoing costs of our expedition. Our total budget is estimated at € 95,000 and can be broken down as following:

- Boat: 40,000 €, maintenance, preparation, safety
- Traveling: € 15,000, visas, land travel, accommodation
- Gear & Equipment: 10,000 €, recording equipment, sports and media equipment
- Living onboard: € 30,000, food, harbor fees, fuel, insurance

This crowdfunding, if the objective is reached and once the 8% commission extracted, would allow us to cover all the expenses of 5 months of expedition! Who know, it might even end up covering more than 5!

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