Earthquakes in Indonesia - The West Nusa Tengarra Tragedy

Let's give a hand and assistance to the forgotten people of West Nusa Tengarra!

Project visual Earthquakes in Indonesia - The West Nusa Tengarra Tragedy
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Earthquakes in Indonesia - The West Nusa Tengarra Tragedy

Hi Guys,


Welcome to this solidarity Project !


I’m Vee, a nomadic artist, photographer and aesthete.

Currently engaged in humanitarian causes.

I’m used to live between Paris, the south of Portugal and more often in Indonesia.

I’m very close of the minorities, leaving in traditional villages, at the eastern part of Indonesia. From Nusa Tengarra to Sulawesi.

Unfortunately, during the last weeks, some devastating earthquakes hit the West Nusa Tengarra, Lombok and the Gili's islands.


It lets some catastrophic damages. 

Most of the people there, lost everything.

The Indonesian Government has said that it doesn’t need any international help or assistance. 


Anyway Government priority is for the north of Lombok. 

Beside, in West Nusa Tengarra, It's gonna take a Long time before people can be helped and rescued.


Actually, my local contacts in Alas Barat, West Nusa Tengarra, confirm me every day, since the last weeks, that no assistance has been arrived or programmed yet.

Beyond the simple daily problems of the local population, like sleeping on the floor under plastic cover, finding drinking water, food or medicine is becoming more difficult every day.


More over, in Indonesia, hospitals are not free for the people.


Without NGOs or on-site assistance, nothing is free and the fevers due to the lack of food and unhealthy waters has already begun.

Many kids and their parents become weak and easily sick. 

Allocation of funds

In this remote area of Indonesia, even with small money sums, we can do great things !!


One person needs 0,70 euros per day to provide for his survival needs but, of course, the more money we collect, the more families we can help to survive. 


  1. At the 1st step of 400EUR we will provide the minimum daily needs for the local population.
  2. At the 2nd Step of 1.000EUR, we will provide more dry food, medicines, various cares, mattresses and more tents to build some others rescue base camps, Knowing that rains and storms are coming...
  3. At the 3rd Step of 2.000EUR, we will help the villagers to rebuild their house and elementary school. By providing wood and construction materials.


STEP 1 : Daily  survival needs for a medium-sized family of 10 people

  • Simple Food (rice, vegetables, eggs) 

6 EUR – 100,000 IDR

  • Water Box (to drink and cook)

1 EUR – 20,000 IDR



STEP 2 : Immediate needs for each affected family

  • 1 bag of 5kg of rice

9 EUR – 150,000 IDR

  • 1 rescue tent (wood + plastic cover 7x8Mt)

36 EUR – 600,000 IDR

  • Various cares and medicine

30 EUR – 500,000 IDR

  • Mattress at least for the kids

20 EUR – 335,000 IDR

  • Clothing, soap, baby care, etc...

15 EUR – 250,000 IDR



STEP 3 : Rebuild the village and the school

  • Wood and Bamboo 

1.600 EUR – 26.600.000 IDR

  • Others construction materials 

400 EUR – 6.600.000 IDR



That is why today I’m calling for your generosity!


If each of us give 5 EUR, we will help many families to survive until an eventual assistance from Government arrives. 

Anyway, the Government is not very clear at the moment, but recently said, maybe in 6 months. What about the rainy season that comes ?


Regarding the collect, I preferred to set a minimum amount low enough to be sure to reach it as quickly as possible.

However, the needs are much higher to be able to help an entire village of 1500 souls.


I invite you to watch the related videos, made in Hijrah during the last days, so as better understand the primary requirements of the current living conditions.

For all the reasons, explained above, I decided to act personally by launching this campaign as a rescue emergency for the forgotten villagers of Hijrah, Alas Barat, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, one of the poorest province of Indonesia. 

In this way I am sure that the money received will reach directly the families who need it most.


I know that the months of August and September are not the best times to make a donation. That is why I insist :


a few euros are also very useful in these extreme conditions.

Heartfelt thanks for your support, guys! Sincerely, Vee

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