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Imagine your daily life without electricity and if you had to walk long distances for several hours a day to collect wood, just to cook your meals.

For many of us, electricity and a fully equipped kitchen seem a given, but for nearly 3 billion people around the world, it is still a daily luxury to which they do not have access.

The daily harvest of wood is a heavy and painful task which falls mainly on women and children, preventing them from devoting themselves to other tasks and which often is the cause of school dropout especially among girls.


Cooking on rudimentary and inefficient fireplaces like the open 3-stone fireplaces in Benin requires enormous quantities of wood, putting the forests and local biodiversity under pressure.

The open fires also emit a lot of toxic fumes and are responsible for respiratory diseases,especially among children.

Efficient cookstoves are recognised as a major and credible climate solution. A cookstove project can literally change lives and improve the health of an entire community while protecting the forests.


Earth Funders ( is an initiative from CO2logic, an international and independant consultancy office specialised in CO2 neutrality and committed to support climate projects worldwide. With this first crowdfunding campaign 'SOMBA', Earth Funders and CO2logic aim to equip more than 1000 families with efficient cookstoves, improving daily lives of the rural communities involved and preserving the local biodiversity.


With our local partner Eco-Benin, we selected 10 villages in Benin waiting to be equipped with this new technology:











“Giving a cookstove is very common in a woman’s dowry in Benin; this symbolic gesture makes it possible to start a family, a friendly household. It is an act that gives and protects life.

Dear Global Citizens, help us build a resilient global family.'

                                                                      Gautier Amoussou, Coordinateur Eco-Benin

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Allocation of funds

Through all our campaigns, our objective is to provide 'free' financial support to the selected projects in order to give them the necessary boost in the start-up phase and to help them achieve financial autonomy to maintain long-term activity.

For this first crowdfunding campaign, we have set our minimum target at € 15,000. But let's be ambitious and find out what we can achieve with a maximum budget.

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