Sorciere 3 Special année 2020

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” CG jung

Project visual Sorciere 3 Special année 2020
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Sorciere 3 Special année 2020

Is a paper magazine

that contains 48 pages of Arts & Stories. Its content is Dark, Cute & Rock n 'Roll

Sorciere reaches out to you, and takes you on a journey through all the most edgy artistic trends of the 00's


Sorcière" "shows the work of our favorite artists around the world, With DOUBLE CONTENT in this winter issue with

(In no particular order)

X a debrief on the #kidcore #webcore #toycore #sanriocore scenes

X the insta page

X The "carte blanche" given to "Gorgeous Hell" Dalida, the artist you discovered in issue 2, she will in turn make us discover her favorite artists

(c) "Gorgeous Hell Dalida

X The death interview, we interviewed the dead,

X A true story (which is scary)

X a debrief on music with the trapmetal scene, darktrap (what we call before horrorcore)

X lots of other artists to discover and always

X the delusional editorial

the hororscope

X ALACRITY (space opera comic started in issue 2)

(see below)

(c) TrezeTreze 2019

Allocation of funds

Emmanuel Toullat (TrezeTreze) Graphic designer / Illustrator

And his cat are allies in the creation of Sorcière Magazine.

We aim for very good quality in terms of printing? Part of the budget goes to printing the magazine, printing 150 copies will cost us € 200, which means € 1.33 / ex Then the cost varies depending on the delivery, if there is one, each delivery in France costs us 2.16 €, or even more for an international delivery

We take all of this into account in the magazine price

Sorciere is a Born Collector

For the future, the goal is to reach a sufficient number of sales before considering kiosk distribution, for now, your opportunity is to get your hands on a magazine of character


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