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Help the T.p&s.F, your festival

The Tp&sf is an alternative music festival which happens the first weekend of September since nine years in Feluy from Belgium. It is a quite cheap festival.

The Two-days pass is around 25 euros and the Bier will cost you less than two euros. And as each year the camping and parking will be free. A festival means a lot of time, energy and money. Allowing us to provide you a high quality weekend we need your support. With this participative crowfunding help us that this year the Tp&sf will be even more your festival.

Allocation of funds

It is almost nine years that we've created the ASBL Traditionnel Punks & Skins Festival, we're basically three managers which want to make some fun for the public of the alternative scene by organising some concerts.

Make some fun is nice but not always easy. Each year we're engaging a lot of money to make the festival happening. Until now we're always doing without any subsides.

For clearness here you are a list of the expenses we've each year: renting of the main tent, sound system, assurance, electricity, fire agreement, first aid people, bands, bands and free workers catering, hotels for some bands, material renting, ...

This is why we need your help to participate to the bands budgets which is for each year around 5000€.

In this crowfunding there will be 8% to deduce from the amount (5% go to the Kisskissbangbang commission and 3% go for bank transaction) but also the cost of your purchased gifts (pin's, stickers, t-shirts, hotel night,...). That's why we trust in you to go over the desired amount allowing to get a better festival year by year without being obliged to increase the entrance price.

Be sure that if we make any benefits it will as each year reinvested in the following years because we are all free workers.

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