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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Opera In Situ was at the Young Patrons Circle in Amsterdam !

<p>Florian Bonneau, artistic director of Opéra In Situ, and his wife, the artist  Maribeth Diggle, on the red carpet of the Young Patrons Circle to present his meeting project between street arts and opera ! </p><p><img alt="18765884_762542130592907_3767550318212984299_n-1497381283" src=""> <img alt="19059106_763078667205920_3028780283001787739_n-1497382547" src=""> <img alt="19059055_763056373874816_8065313881430902042_n-1497382559" src=""> <img alt="19059732_763056370541483_2440036258413728593_n-1497382585" src=""> <img alt="19105684_763057163874737_4867397546598096469_n-1497382614" src=""> <img alt="19225061_763055680541552_863825882400471729_n-1497382790" src=""></p>
Monday, June 12, 2017

Operadagen Festival - KLIKK Fotografie

<p><img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-6763-1497276369" src=""> <img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-6854-1497276384" src=""> <img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-6914-1497276395" src=""> <img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-7055-1497276405" src=""><img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-7090-1497276429" src=""> <img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-7155-1497276437" src=""> <img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-7174-1497276450" src=""> <img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-7185-1497276462" src=""> <img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-7205-1497275793" src=""> <img alt="Opera_in_situ_hr-7254-1497276478" src=""></p>
Tuesday, June 06, 2017

De Volkskrant talk about us !

<p><img alt="18527484_1864560957129138_2600260981830005055_o-1496769138" src=""></p><p>"OPERA: Operadagen Rotterdam steers away from every convention and presents opera as rarely seen. Artists experiment with duration, subject and space, with an opera taking place in the Koopgoot shopping street. The French collective Opéra in situ offers an étude based on The Magic Flute in the Koopgoot shopping street of Rotterdam. In an unusual place, a small passage in the middle of the shopping streets of Rotterdam, Saturday the French collective Opéra in situ presented a modernised version of Mozart's opera “The Magic Flute” The two main characters, street musician getting on in years Papageno (busy with his smartphone) and retired princess Pamina (with shopping bags, pearls and glamorous sunglasses, a perfect shopaholic), sing together amongst the fashion stores..."</p>
Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Interview with Papageno, aka Huub Claessens

<p><img alt="18519767_1862770893974811_2165553633676295653_n-1496768616" src=""></p><p>Huub Claessens answers a few questions about his role - with a good dose of humour...</p><p><strong>What is your history with the role of Papageno ?...</strong> I sang Pagageno for the first time in 1991, if I remember well. I sang only two productions in which I sang Papageno. I sang the part of Sprecher in two other productions. In two other ones I sang the role of Geharnischter. And finally in four more I sang Sarastro.</p><p><strong>Do you have a special memory about this role ?</strong> I have a bad memory in general...</p><p><strong>How does it stand in your repertoire?</strong> It is a role that I'd like to come back to if I could travel back in time... But only then.</p><p><strong>What music do you have in your mind at the moment ?</strong> I am preparing lots of things, most important the role of Guru from the Opera "Guru" by Laurent Petitgirard. I recorded it for Naxos 6 years ago, so considering that I have a very bad memory I have to learn it all over again...</p><p><strong>Did you ever sing in the street ?</strong> I didn't (as far as I remember)...</p><p> </p>
Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Interview with Sharon Kempton aka Pamina

<p><img alt="18423995_1862219444029956_2304277704315931428_n-1496767889" src=""></p><p><strong>What is your history with the role of Pamina ?...</strong> I performed the role of Pamina for the first time in 2003 at the Hessen State Theatre, Wiesbaden, Germany. I have sang this role over 100 times in the same production over the eleven years I was engaged as a full-time soloist in Wiesbaden.</p><p><strong>Do you have a special memory about this role ?</strong> It has always been a favourite role of mine to sing. I like Pamina very much. She is very strong and determined but is faced with much heartache and adversity on her journey. I once sang this role whilst seven months pregnant. Due to sickness our Tamino was being replaced that evening by a colleague I knew well, but hadn't seen for a very long time. In the opera, Tamino and Pamina don't actually see each other on the stage until towards the end of the first act. I hadn't greeted my Tamino before the beginning of the show, so he hadn't seen how rediculously large my pregnant belly was and how funny I looked in my costume. In our production he is dragged onto the stage by Monostatos and hurled to the floor. Tamino looked up at me and burst out laughing and could hardly sing. It was also very difficult for me to keep a straight face! Somehow I managed!</p><p><strong>How does it stand in your repertoire ?</strong> I always enjoy coming back to Pamina. Mozart's music is particularly good for my voice. Other Mozart roles I have performed on stage include Illia (Idomeneo), Fiordiligi (Cosi fan tutte), Donna Elvira (Don Giovanni) and The First Lady (Die Zauberfloete).</p><p><strong>What music do you have in your mind at the moment ?</strong> At the moment I am singing in a production of Wagner's Ring Cycle. I am singing 'Gerhilde' in The Walkuries. We have had seven performances already and our final performance is on May 24th. I am cureently learning and rehearsing the trio from Der Rosenkavalier, by Strauss to sing at a benefits concert this coming Sunday.</p><p><strong>Did you ever sing in the street ?</strong> Yes! When I was a student at Melbourne University during the 90's, a friend and I used to busk on the street during Christmas time singing Carols to earn some extra money!</p><p><strong>Anything else you would like to add ?</strong> I am really looking forward to performing with Opera in Situ! It's going to be a great adventure! Mozart's music is a joy to sing and it will be fun bringing it to life on the streets of Rotterdam!</p>
Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Opéra in situ presents FOREVER21

<p><iframe src="//;wmode=opaque&amp;;;key=cb39d84f05d8439bbe96012f078e02b0&amp;type=text%2Fhtml&amp;schema=youtube" width="540" height="304" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></p>