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TOKEN Paris is a designer brand, founded in 2014 by three friends. TOKEN needs you to fund the 3rd collection Autumn Winter 16-17!

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Support TOKEN's next collection

Brazilian-born Elena and Nanjika, born in French Caribeans and raised in South Africa, met on ESMOD Paris benches. Early on, they nourished the desire of creating a brand that would gather their common universe but distinct backgrounds –

Never forgetting that fashion is a joyful and playful game, allowing people to always reinvent themselves.




The team was completed with the addition of Marie Figueredo as Managing director. In December 2014, the TOKEN family was officially born.


The first collection was introduced in FW15-16 was introduced during Paris Fashion Week in march 2015, and the second collection SS16 was shown in New York Fashion Week in October 2015 and Paris in September 2015.



The stage is a great inspiration for Token, inspired by the 80’s and its greatest style icons, such as Madonna, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson.

It is for people who love experiencing through clothing, and express each chord of their personality through a different outfit. 




TOKEN has designed the stage outfits of cata.pirata, lead singer of SKIP&DIE, a band born in the boiling Johannesburg and showed real know-how in pushing the boundaries.




The rapper Cakes Da Killa also has worn TOKEN in the September issue of Eclectic Magazine.




Now ready for the third season Token is looking for funding to help with the development of its new Fall-Winter 2016-17 season!



How do we work?


In a small room-atelier in the southern district of Paris, the creators of TOKEN work hard on the collections from A to Z. From research, sketches, pattern making, the conceptualisation of the collection is done in house by the TOKEN team





Token works with partners that are specialized all over the world. From embroideries that are hand embroidered in India and special high frequency metallic transfers developed in Italy. All individual techniques come back to Paris to be finally put together and constructed by a small manufacturer, placed in a cute corner of the trendy Marais area, called L’Atalier. Thus making the final products of Token made in Paris.


Token also makes signature pieces for artistic clients, press and special orders, that are hand made and sewn by the designers themselves in their workshop.





Allocation of funds

If we achieve our goal of 6 600€

All donations will go towards developing the new collection, to be presented during the next Paris fashion week in March 2016. The money will be put into buying fabrics and materials to create the prototypes. As well as for funding the fabric work developments that Token makes with its abroad partners.


If we achieve 7 500€

We will make a second prototypes of three signature pieces to be able to send to more press and stylists for shootings


If we achieve 9 900 €

We will be able to pay for our next showroom to present the AW16-17 collection during Paris Fashion Week in March 2016


If we achieve 15 000 €

We will be able to hire a press agent for 4 months to have more press releases before next fashion week 

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