TEA JOLIE, your British tearoom in Brussels...

It's always teatime at Tea Jolie. Come to Tea Jolie and feel like you're in London or England!

Project visual TEA JOLIE, your British tearoom in Brussels...
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TEA JOLIE, your British tearoom in Brussels...

Hello, you! Get to know Tea Jolie... The Brighton Lanes are a collection of narrow lanes in Brighton where you have nice little shops to visit and where you can eat and drink in amazing British teashops. Every year, Julie and David head to Brighton to enjoy these lanes. Being most of the time in Brussels, they wanted to recreate this atmosphere in their hometown. After working for five years in HR, politics and events, Julie decided to open her own tearoom. She is obsessed with baking and love sweets and he is in love with the United Kingdom. Perfect combo. Tea Jolie is the English “translation” of Thé Jolie or T’es Jolie in French. Because at Tea Jolie, we want you to feel loved and beautiful in a cosy environment. Tea Jolie offers afternoon teatimes, cream teas and tasty cakes and cupcakes. You can also find us for an all-day breakfast with smoothies bowls and pancakes or lunch with quiches, soup and homemade ice-tea or lemonade. Oh, and did we already told you that most of our products are coming from Brussels, Flemish Brabant or Brabant Walloon? Hereunder you'll find some of our partners like Eugène Chocolaterie, Buddy Buddy, IRO Matcha, Renard Bakery, Joséphine Patisserie, Gust Coffee,... Please help us and become a part of Tea(m) Jolie!

Allocation of funds

We need you (pretty please...) to buy our stove and other ustensils to bake those delicious cupcakes, brownies, blondies and other sweets! This crowdfunding is only 8% of our whole budget. It doesn't look a lot but it's means the world to us. The crowdfunding will go to: KissKissBankBank (for 8%) & Tea Jolie for a new stove (4.000 euros), other bake ustenstils (700 euros) and a new awning to protect all those delicious treats (1700 euros).

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