The Beauty and the Rage - Nouvel album d'Antrabata

Thanks to your support, Antrabata will get back on the scene with their third album 'The Beauty and the Rage'.

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The Beauty and the Rage - Nouvel album d'Antrabata





After a long period of silence, Antrabata is back with their third Album 'The Beauty and the Rage'.


First, there was the glittering panoramic trip hop and the indian touch of 'Elephant Reveries' (2007, Prikosnovenie ). Then, came the somber 'Dark and Bright' (2009, Prikosnovenie).  Now, The parisian trio has decide to return back to their sources with a new more cinematographic opus. 


You will recognise the meticulous compositions and arrangements of Régis Aubert and the sincere complicity between Delphine Delahaye's flute and Femke Lavrijssen's voice. 


You can already discover two tracks of this new album:




Early fan or true music lover, we need you to finalize our project and make our dream come true.    You can pre-order our new release right now in order to fund it.   Warm thank for all long term supporters. Thanks to you, we live this crazy aventure.





It all began on a posting on the internet really. Régis was looking for a new singer for a musical project. Femke had freshly moved from the Netherlands to Paris. 


They meet, they chat, they improvise all evening long and that is the beginning of Antrabata. Soon Delphine joins in with her flute and the duo becomes a trio. 


They will from then on surround themselves with nice musical friends during their concerts and studio sessions. The loyal accomplice Gaelle Ferrand (Piano) is still present for the third album.  


Let us note the significant contribution of Thomas Baspeyras ( Basse and Video), Pieric Hirzel ( Basse), Ravi Balle ( Drums and Tablas) and Thomas Racine (Drums).








- This opus is a mix of high-class influences: the psyche/folk from the 60"s/70"s (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin), the cold wave from the 80"s (Cure, Joy Division, Siouxsie), the trip-hop from the 90" (Portishead, Massive attack) and the electronica from the 2000 (Burial, Boards of Canada). It is mysterious, bewitching, beautiful produced and melodically touching. Femke"s voice is just right and will put you under a magic spell. " Isotank 


Traumhafte 4AD-Stimmung, Dark Wave, Trip Hop und Prog-Folk; all diese Bestandteile münden noch stärker als beim Vorgänger in eine wunderbar nächtlich-verregnete Atmosphäre. Zum aus dem Fenster schauen und über die Welt nachdenken. " Non-pop

Allocation of funds

Total cost of the project : 1500€




Planning :  


1.  Mix and mastering finalisation in december 2016  


2. Packaging and album delivery in february 2017  


3. Launch party in Paris in march / april 2017  


Make our dream come true !  


Thanks !


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