The Ferguson Twins - Premier EP / First Recording

Help us fund the recording of our first EP, mixing Alternative Rock, Pop, Folk.

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The Ferguson Twins - Premier EP / First Recording




The Ferguson Twins is a musical project that was established a year ago by Julien Humbert and Adrien Guillemot.

In order to give you an idea of what our music is like, and what we want to do, we have recorded a couple of demos – at home...hardly recording studio quality, but it ought to give you a feel for us!



We've known each other for fifteen years - having gone to music college together - and since graduating we have continued to make music even while apart (oh, the wonder of the internet!); exchanging ideas, and discovering new styles, as well as working on our own on projects. All this work left us with....well, a bunch of sound 'objects' is the best way to describe it! Riffs, collages, melodies, the odd chord here and there and some more developed pieces and songs ... all mixing rock, folk , pop and electro styles.




After all these years of working separately - one of us moved to Prague for 2 years - we decided to give life to these pieces, forming a group around our duo.

If we enjoyed it so much, maybe other people would too?

We surrounded ourselves with a lyricist, a photograph, took our instruments, and our inspiration, we rehearsed, worked flat out, polished our songs, and, as soon as we played the first bar at our first concert, we realised how much we loved the feeling of being on stage. And we haven’t looked back since!

And of course, inevitably, now we want more !






We decided to put at least four tracks on this record, to make it representative of what we do. Our music mixes rock, pop, folk, and electro, so 1 or 2 pieces would not be enough to make you hear everything we have to say ... or play.


Beyond the musical pleasure and the collective adventure that is a recording of this kind, doing it in this way will allow you to discover our titles as we understand them - with all the small effects, details and the hacks!


We want it to sound as close as possible to the ideas we have in mind.

For this we need professional expertise for sound and quality mixing, in the best conditions ...

We chose the Studio Melodium in Montreuil where we both come from. ... Keeping it local!


And this is where we need your help. Quality work has a cost that we will have great difficulty in taking on alone. We have already invested heavily, and will continue to have to invest in promotion (Press Secretary, line activation fee of -Deezer songs, iTunes, Spotify etc ..-, printing of CD ..).

This choice is not a luxury but a necessity. Beyond the work of writing, and the playing of the instruments, the "sound processing" has a vital importance in the final rendering of our music. Case in point: we've all heard about the importance of the Abbey Road studios and producer George Martin in the success of the Beatles!


With your help, this EP can exist! By printing CDs, we’ll be able to share the EP around; canvass labels, press officers, radios, web broadcasters; and propose them at the upcoming concerts! The world of music is not simple and easy - managing to stand out and persisting depends on being able to produce a high quality example of our work.


And we believe it's worth it!



THE FERGUSON TWINS (Julien -left  / Adrien -right )



THE FERGUSON TWINS (Olivier) LIve at Fête de la musique, Paris, 2015



Nicolas Chavance, Photographer (Left):

Louise Heavey, Lyricist / Writer (Right):


Allocation of funds

To offer us the best chance of success, we have chosen to record at the Melodium studio in Montreuil (previous artists who have recorded there include Sebastien Tellier, Michel Gondry, Camille, Tame Impala etc ..). The reasons for chosing Melodium are many, but include their reputation for professionalism and their previous choices of recording material.


Now, to the sums!


The recording fee schedule is composed of:


Registration -3 days = 1000 euros

-1 Days / title for overdubs (adding additional tracks) = 4 x 250 euros

-1 Days / title mix = 4 x 250 euros


Total = 3000 euros

(Kisskissbankbank keeps an 8% commission)


If, by a lucky chance, the money we raise were to exceed the amount we need, we would use it to add additional titles to the EP – titles that are already finished and that are just waiting to take a stroll along the airwaves!



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