The Mobile Unit

Help us build and organize “The Mobile Unit”, an artistic project that wants to create awareness for the life of(and with) seasonal workers.

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The Mobile Unit

<p><u>Background</u></p><p>The idea for this project grew some years ago, when we were confronted by the refugee crisis. Many people asked themselves: <strong>How to be hospitable?</strong> Philosophers write: &quot;To be hospitable, you have to have a home&quot;, and maybe that is the problem nowadays?</p><p>After having lived in a foreign country, Ciel Grommen moves back to her hometown in Haspengouw, where she does not feel &quot;at home&quot; anymore. She decides to<strong> research the feelings of home of her seasonal neighbours</strong>, the migrant laborers in Haspengouw &mdash;an artistic research project supported by the Flemish government.</p><p><u>Observation</u></p><p>Every year around 20,000 Eastern European workers travel to Belgium to help with the harvest. They work 65 long days for a good salary. Besides the obvious economic exchange, Ciel finds out that <strong>there is not so much of other exchange.</strong> Many workers don&rsquo;t know much about Belgium. Nor do we know much about them.</p><p>There is one rare place that all workers visit, it is the local supermarket Aldi. People dress up, take selfies and share a drink on the parking lot.</p><p><img alt="" height="148" width="110" src="" /></p><p><u>Project</u></p><p><strong>This observation leads to a collaboration between a group of artists (vzw </strong><a target="_blank" href="">Heisa!) </a>and <strong>locally engaged youngsters (</strong><a target="_blank" href="">Jeugdhuis &lsquo;t Biejke</a><strong>)</strong>.<strong> Together they plan to develop <em>The Mobile Unit </em>in Borgloon</strong>, the town with the biggest density of migrant workers (1/5th of the population) in Haspengouw.</p><p><img alt="" width="100%" src="" /></p><p><strong><em>The Mobile Unit</em> is a &quot;public space for a private time&quot;, &quot;a house for seasonal neighbours&quot;. </strong>It will be placed <strong>nearby the Aldi. </strong></p><p><strong>From 29th of July until the 30th of August </strong><strong>it will be the centre of everyday coffee moments. </strong>(An archive of drawings will be made, based on these exchange moments.) <strong>During 3 weekends socio-cultural activities will be organised for a large audience </strong>(BBQ, movie screenings, talks).</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>This house on wheels or &lsquo;containermonument&rsquo;, is designed by Maximiliaan Royakkers and Ciel Grommen. The archive will be made in collaboration with Dieter Leyssen. The 3 of them met when studying architecture in Leuven. Ciel and Max chose to enlarge their practice with fine arts afterwards and Dieter developed skills in academic research.</p><p><img alt="" width="100%" src="" /></p>

Allocation of funds

<p>We need your support to finish the deal!</p><p>&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The <strong>construction</strong> of &ldquo;The Mobile Unit&rdquo; &gt;&gt;&gt; 2 700 EUR</p><p><img alt="" height="129" width="149" src="" /><img alt="" height="142" width="263" src="" /></p><p>&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Promotion and communication: graphic design, website, posters, social media &gt;&gt;&gt; 600 EUR</p><p>&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The organization of free <strong>activities</strong> &gt;&gt;&gt; 700 EUR</p><p>--Movie screenings</p><p>--A big BBQ on the 27th of August</p><p>--Talks</p><p><img alt="" width="100%" src="" /></p><p>All money will be deposited on the account of vzw Heisa!, and used exclusively for this project.</p><p>In case we collect more than 4500 euro, we plan to use the money for the publication of this archive of <strong>stories from the field</strong>. A preliminary design of this book has already been made.</p><p><img alt="" width="100%" src="" /></p>

Choose your reward

Drankje en rondleiding


Estimated delivery: August 2018

a drink and personal tour in and around the mobile unit
  • 4 contributions

BBQ maaltijd


Estimated delivery: August 2018

a meal during the bbq of 27/08
  • 8 contributions

Kwaliteitsprint tekening


Estimated delivery: January 2018

a quality print from one of your favorite drawings from the archive
  • 10 contributions

BBQ en print


a meal during the BBQ of 27th of August + a print of one of your favorite drawings
  • 3 contributions



Estimated delivery: January 2019

a book with all stories from the field
  • 3 contributions

naam op website


possibility to put your (company’s) name on our website
  • 2 contributions

mobile unit bij je thuis


possibility to install the pavilion on a personal party after the project is finished
  • 2/2 available

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Give what I want

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originele prent


Estimated delivery: December 2018

an original drawing, in a frame, to be hanged on the wall at home
  • 5 contributions
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