"To The Land" Vinyle premier album

"To the Land" is our first album, and it's ready! But we need your support for our new vinyl!

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"To The Land" Vinyle premier album

We started this project in January 2015, quite by chance, during a jam session that lasted all night, where we were the only two musicians to improvise in osmosis with dancers of the contemporary dance school "P.A.R.T.S. ".

Following this experience, we rehearsed regulary, and after more than one year of sessions of jams, sound experiments, discoveries and compositions, we developed an artistic direction. Our way of performing and creating songs is based only on sounds from our instruments and effects loops.

We developped our repertory until we arrive to construct our own style, that we wanted narrative and original. So this is the right time for us to produce our first album.





We had the chance to do a great recording session with Bastien Gilson sound engineer in Brussels. Our album was ready to be sent to CD production, but after some considerations, we looked at the idea of producing a vinyl.

The idea of collaborating with artists for graphics appeared to us. Vinyl then became the most suitable choice. Indeed, this media offers the possibility to work on visual aspects that the cd can not offer, and of course the 33t is a very beautiful object.






Guitar: Diego Higueras




Violin: Nicolas Draps


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Allocation of funds

Currently the budget of our production:

* Pressing Vinyl (300) _________ 1600 €

* Copyright fees ______________ 500 €

* Graphics & artwork___________1200 €

* Promotion fees ______________300 €

Total of 3600 €

The rule set by Kisskissbankbank is simple, it's all or nothing!  If we don't reach the total amount, we get nothing. That's why we decided to set our crowdfunding at € 2000, to start funding a part of our adventure.

Included in this sum in case of success: 5% for KissKissBankBank , and 3% bank charges, so 8% in total.

Support us to reach our goal and why not, go beyond it! Indeed, in the case of a success in the collection of funds, we can finally finalize our album and offer you a quality production. And if we go beyond our goal, we will be able to realize a greater production.



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