Tour d'Europe en Moto.

We need your help to discover Europe, from the cooking to the landscapes, from the music to the lyfestlyes, and share all her beauty.

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Tour d'Europe en Moto.

The project was born from a mutual sentiment: Curiosity. We are both intrigued by the different ways of living and customs that have place in the outsides of the cities and the rural areas. Hidden behind the common daily hardships, there is a Kaleidoscope that tangles the light upon what life is. We would like to have a look. Discover the landscapes, encounter people, learn from their work, their cooking and the stories behind it. Apprehend life. 



The Team:










The tour is planned in 5 stages.




Poland- Denmark

Denmark- England

England- Portugal




We are leaving from Toulouse,France with a Yamaha YBR 125 for a 3 or 4 months trip. We decided to take the little roads, and skip the big cities. The idea is to get to know the people who live by different rhytms.  By taking photographs all along the trip, we intend to portray them, their customs, their views.







The choice to go beyond, delicately ...





Sam is interested in taking pictures of the daily. Grace to the encounters, being able to transmit a story with a portrait.    


Here's a sample of his group during La Fête de la Musique at Ariège, Mirepoix. This is what  we hope to find on the road too....     






It's really important for me, Maite, to know the stories behind the kitchen. You know? As in: "This is what my mamma used to do", "We had this for  birthdays", etc... So I would love to be able to find along the way people who introduce traditional dishes to me, share stories....Luckily make a non traditional book of traditional cooking. 





Allocation of funds

The money will help us to:


get themotorcycle :1400 euros.

put it in shape for the trip: 250 euros.

get the fuel along the way: 900 euros.

safety garments: 325 euros.


there's a part destined for 3 months food, 600 euros. 


Also, at the end of the trip we are having a photo exposition to share what we've came across, the money will help with the printings and the montage: 300 euros.


Basic camping equipment 250 euros.


And of course, there's a part destined to give our thanks to all the people who contribute. 500 euros.





If we happen to collect more money than we expect, we would love to publish a cooking book based on the experience. 

Aaaand, if we get much more than we expected, a book of photos is also on our mind. 







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