Un film "Made in Paris, in 48 hours only"!

Help us to make a real film in 48 hours only, to make the best use of each second for the best result to watch!

Project visual Un film "Made in Paris, in 48 hours only"!
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Un film "Made in Paris, in 48 hours only"!


The "48H FILM PROJECT" is a short film competition held each year in different cities around the world. The best film made ​​in Paris will make it to the grand final in the United States, and maybe have the unique opportunity to be shown at Cannes Film Festival, which of course is the perfect dream for people like my artistic partner on this project and myself who are both passionate about films.   


The competition is about  adapting to some compulsory elements given at the start of it. Teams are assigned a character, a prop, a line of dialogue, and a genre. The goal is to make the best possible film in 48 hours. Writing, filming, editing, scoring: everything must be done within these hours.   


This is a piece of what we made last year, without any budget, with no professionnal equipment. The compulsory genre for us was "Thriller-Suspense". The compulsory character had to be a geek or no life named Pierre Lamour.  We came up with this story:  Pierre Lamour buys a special GPS: the one that helps to find true love.                                                Help us to do better this year! 




The competition having a worldwide scope, we want to give the best representation of our city of Paris, guided by the love of cinema, and the desire to provide the audience with emotions. We love  challenges, and this one is totally for us. The "48h project" provides an opportunity to create a film that will be shown on big screen in Paris, and maybe travel the world and meet other audiences if it's good enough to make it to the next level.    


Take part in this adventure, become this experience's superheros,  by helping us with your contribution and thus allowing us to be fully ready and super efficient during the challenge. When the time will come, every second will be a gift enabling the project to exist!  

Allocation of funds


Making a film always has its cost, even when the whole team works for free. This is how the collected money will be used:   


-  Payment of the contest's entry fee :  95 euros

-  Equipment's rental (picture and sound) : 1350 euros

-  Reimbursement of expenses made by actors and technicians for the film :  200 euros

-  Purchase of essential props : 200 euros

-  Car or mini van's rental : 190 euros

-  Filming location's rental : 200 euros

-  Purchase or rental of post production's equipment :  215 euros

-  Food for the team : 150 euros



If we collect more money, we will be able to rent a better equipment for a better film! We will be able to have more freedom in the artistic choices, and consider more options. 

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