Un peu de sous pour financer le 1er CD d'Adam l'Ancien

Adam l'Ancien is calling on you for support, I'm preparing my first record and I need to raise some funds. Help me bring cultures closer.

Project visual Un peu de sous pour financer le 1er CD d'Adam l'Ancien
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Un peu de sous pour financer le 1er CD d'Adam l'Ancien

Ligue Européenne des Rappeurs pour l'Amitié entre les Peuples


in English :


European League of Rappers for Universal Friendship


that's the title of this EP. It wil sound just like me : a little Greek, a little Sudanese, a little Ashkenazi, but very French!


2 extracts of tracks which will be on the CD :


démo de "Efige" tube grec remixé façon Adam l'Ancien

Démo de "Ton Soudan", morceau original




In the beginning


September 2013, Killah P a greek rapper is assassinated because of his opinions by neo-nazis. With Yannis Vlachos, a Greek musician living in Paris specialised in Rebetiko, we pay him a tribute with this song :


Pas de Peur, Pas de Pleurs!


I then decide to continue this adventure with Yannis and I ask him to collaborate with me to create this first CD.




European rapper, commited artist


For me music has always been a way to touch people and communicate progressive ideas. My dream : bring down the barriers between different music styles. I sing in halls and rap in the streets :



Allocation of funds

- cachets pour les musiciens professionnels 1120€

- location de studio 604,40€

- mastering 600€

- mixage 500€

- pressage 349€

- photographie 100€

- graphisme 100€

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Estimated delivery: October 2015

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