Creation of an Apple Orchard

Support a young cider producer in the creation of his first orchard.

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Creation of an Apple Orchard

Who is this young cider maker ? My name is Brice Originally from Normandy, I just returned from 12 years abroad in 5 different countries. As the apple never falls far from the tree, I am back. After more than 10 years in an office, I made the big leap to the outside world. Thanks to multiple internships, I understood that my choice would be agriculture. Along the way and through various encounters, cider appeared as an obvious choice. It's been a year now that I'm working on my cider project. Between finding the house and the land, reading everything about orchards, cider apples, cider making, transformation, regulations, marketing, ..., meeting cider producers in my region and then in several European countries. To make my dream come true and to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills, from mid-October, I am going to work as an apprentice for one year with a cider producer. Where is the orchard? At home, in the middle of the Normandy countryside, in the center of the Manche department, in the small village of Mesnilbus. It's a nice place to live and the apple trees enjoy it. Would you like to participate in 100 years of history? I am fortunate to have a retired cider producer who gives me access to one of his orchards so that I can start my activity. However, in the apple world, we have to think today about what we want to do in 10 years because that's the minimum time before the first harvest. That's why I need you to transform my field like this one In the spirit of sustainability, I decided to privilege the plantation of high-stemmed apple trees, like the ones you see. They will start producing apples after 8 - 10 years and they have a lifespan of 100 years!!! Why a crowdfunding? I want to share what I do with as many people as possible but I didn't know how. The idea of naming my future apple trees came from a friend who told me he wanted one of them to be his daughter's name.

Allocation of funds

The collection will help me more than a little because it will lay a solid foundation for my cider business, i.e. Apples! Goal 1 - 1 200 € - Apple trees Purchase of apple trees from nurserymen specialized in fruit trees. Goal 2 - 1 500 € - Plantation A company will come and excavate the soil to prepare the orchard. Goal 3 - 2 400 € - Pruning In order for the apple trees to flourish, nothing is better than maintaining the hedge. Goal 4 - 3 300 € - Fencing Our friends the wild animals have a primordial place in our countryside but they like a little too much the young trees especially the roe deers. Goal 5 - 4 000 € - Sheeps Who better to maintain the orchard? Our friends the sheeps! They will be able to graze peacefully, keep the grass at a good height and their droppings will serve as fertilizer for the apple trees. With and thanks to you, the adventure can begin!

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